Best film of the year. True, I haven't seen about two months worth of future releases, but I seriously doubt any of them will take the crown from this wonderful motion picture.

Everything about it is simply perfection. The length, the dialogue, the camera angles, the actors, the beautiful jazz numbers, everything. George Clooney has outdone himself. Actors aren't supposed to make movies this good. It makes other directors who SHOULD make films as powerful as this look amateurish. This is Clooney's SECOND film. God knows what he has up his sleeve next, but I'm sure as hell going to be there.

The idea of Edward Murrow going after Joseph McCarthy in a black & white film with basically a single set must have made some studios sweat and squirm. "Is this guy crazy?! No one wants to see that?!" And it's funny, because a quick glance at the current Box Office, you'd think that the studios were right.

To date, the film has only made a little over $7 MILLION. Which in this day and age, it's like chump change compared to the Summer Blockbusters. But a closer look reveals that it's only showing on 272 screens. Compare that with Elizabethtown, which is being shown on 2,137 screens. Elizabethtown is averaging $10,622 per screen and Good Luck, & Good Night is averaging $26,615 per screen. That's mighty impressive. But of course 90% of those are Pinko Liberal Freaks...

That's the oddest thing about the film. So much of the smear attacks and beating your opponent with name calling instead of the truth, the tactics used by McCarthy, are still found today. The major difference is that no ONE person is as intimidating and powerful as McCarthy was. (It's still funny to watch actual footage of McCarthy going after people for being members of the ACLU and wondering to yourself, "Is this where Bill O'Rielly got his ideas?!")

I just cannot even tell you how good this movie is. I tried to explain it to Molly and felt like I was just rambling. Trust me, you need to see this film. America needs to see this film. You will absolutely love it.

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