Listen, I think George W Bush is quite easily the worst President ever, but I do try and keep an open mind when he gives interviews and or speeches. (cause they happen so infrequently) Believe it or not, I agree with him from time to time, ("we're addicted to foreign oil!!!") but this interview that will air tonight on ABC is something else. He blames Katrina on "bad information" and "the media." Um, that's already the reason that Iraq isn't sunshine and rainbows, sir...I'm afraid you're going to have to find a BRAND NEW scapegoat for the utter failure of our government to protect it's citizens.

The entire Katrina situation made me so upset. Watching these people, these AMERICAN CITIZENS waiting for food or water or any sort of rescue for days...Not hours, but literally four fucking days...it just shook me to my core. I got angry. I cried. It was like 9-11 all over again...only, wasn't that supposed to "change everything?!"

...again, that's another one of Bush's lines in this latest interview. "We're learning from our mistakes!" With all due respect Mr President, that's fucking ridiculous. You had plenty of time from the day the levees broke until the day people actually got rescued off their roofs and evacuated to other cities.

FOUR DAYS SIR. That's how long it took to get a serious response in place. That, no matter how you attempt to spin it, is the truth. And it's a disgrace that will follow this administration until the bitter end.

And never, ever forget the image of what the President was doing the day the levees broke...

(read the whole interview here.)

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28, 2006 — In an exclusive interview with ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas, President Bush offered his views on a range of topics, including the response to Hurricane Katrina, the war in Iraq, U.S. port security and the future of his presidency. What follows is a transcript of the interview.

Watch World News Tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET for more.

ELIZABETH VARGAS: Let's start with Katrina, because today is the six-month anniversary of the hurricane hitting, and you know there have been a series of government reports assessing the government response to that disaster. A congressional report assessed the U.S. reaction as "woefully unprepared" not only for a natural disaster now, but for a terrorist attack, the state of readiness right now of the United States.

Setting aside future improvements that you plan, today do you agree with that assessment, that the United States is "woefully unprepared" for another natural disaster or attack?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I agree that we didn't do as good a job as we could have done on Katrina. However, I would remind people that there was a hurricane right after Katrina that hit Louisiana and Texas, and the response was much better coordinated, and the situational awareness on the ground was much improved. And so while I can't predict a hundred percent success on a catastrophic—major catastrophic event, I can say that lessons learned from Katrina were being implemented quickly. And the case I make is that hurricane that hit down there in Texas is one where the response was much better.

Listen, here's the problem that happened in Katrina. There was no situational awareness, and that means that we weren't getting good, solid information from people who were on the ground, and we need to do a better job. One reason we weren't is because communications systems got wiped out, and in many cases we were relying upon the media, who happened to have better situational awareness than the government. And when you have the media have better situational awareness than the government, the American people are saying, "Wait a minute. What is happening? How come the Federal Government and state government and local governments couldn't do a better job of providing information necessarily so that people could react better?"

VARGAS: So you don't agree with that report that calls the U.S. "woefully unprepared?"

BUSH: I think the U.S. is better prepared than woefully unprepared. There's no question we've got more work to do, and our report on Katrina outlined the work that needs to be done.

I thought, for example, the reaction to the 9/11 attack was a remarkable reaction, positively. When the terrorists attacked and destroy two buildings, there were rescue teams rushing in to save lives. There was a response by the city that was a coordinated response. Katrina was one that we could have done a much better job, and we're learning the lessons from Katrina. But the country has got to constantly be evaluating our capabilities and preparing for the worst.

VARGAS: When you look back on those days immediately following when Katrina struck, what moment do you think was the moment that you realized that the government was failing, especially the people of New Orleans?

BUSH: When I saw TV reporters interviewing people who were screaming for help. It looked — the scenes looked chaotic and desperate. And I realized that our government was — could have done a better job of comforting people.

A lot went right, by the way. I don't want to denigrate the efforts of people that really worked hard. Our Coast Guard people were flying incredibly dangerous missions to rescue I think over 30,000 people from the roofs of their homes.

There was, you know, an amazing response from the citizenry who welcomed people who evacuated. And the state and the city evacuated a lot of people, and that caused there to be less loss of life.

But the chaotic scenes were very troubling. It just — it was very unsettling for me to realize our fellow citizens were in near panic wondering where the help was.

VARGAS: One more thing that the report said when they talked about how the government — the reaction by the government broke down. They were talking in particular about the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. The House report called the federal response to Katrina "a failure of leadership." It describes FEMA as "undertrained, understaffed, and overwhelmed" and lay the blame for that with the Department of Homeland Security for stripping down FEMA. Do you think you're being well served by Secretary Chertoff?

BUSH: I do. I think he's doing a fine job. I also know he's willing to accept criticism and respond. That's the important thing. You know, Katrina has left a legacy, and the question is will we be willing to learn from the lessons. And that's exactly what you're beginning to see happening. We ordered a report right after Katrina hit. I said let us take a look at how better to prepare for the next disaster. And the government has been, one, very quick to analyze and, two, has now got a whole list of suggestions on which to implement in order so that we can do a better job and future Presidents can learn from the lessons of Katrina.

VARGAS: But when these reports place so much responsibility at Mr. Chertoff's feet, if he were to offer his resignation to you, would you accept it?

BUSH: I don't think he's going to. Washington is a town full of a lot of criticism, and some of it is merited and some of it, you know, is not. But in this case, we take the criticism seriously and recognize that we could have done a better job and are responding accordingly.

This is a beautiful timeline of what happened and how long it took to rescue people.


Nothing wonderful came out today in the music department, so instead of a weekly pick, I'm going to list all the SWELL items that await my purchase in the month of March...




All in all, it's going to be a very good month!



Wow. Imagine my surprize when I open up Wizard magazine today and see that "FOXYMORON" is listed as #3 on it's list of TOP 5 MINI-COMICS. I was contacted a lil' while ago from a writer from the magazine who had picked up my books on a subway car in New York (of all places?!) and loved the hell out of them. He asked if I was still doing them and told me they were looking to showcase some different self-published comics. So I sent him a copy of the last Foxymoron's I had printed up and never heard anything else about it.

Cut to a couple months later and now I'm supposedly #3 in Mini-Comic-Book-Land. I mean, I'm fucking honored, but shit...there are TONS of better books out there. (Okay, plenty of mini comics suck, but still.) Anyway, for those of you who don't go into comic shops, led alone buy a magazine ABOUT comic books, here's what the blurb states:

The freshest in a long line of social commentary comic creators, Travis Fox stirs his own brand of humor with an attractive art style that keeps the tone fun, but very relevant. Laugh at his cute son or debate his political leanings, but whatever you do, please visit www.foxymoronsucks.blogspot.com for more."

Which means that people are going to come here and be HUGELY disapointed. I guess when I get home tonight, I should post some actual comics and not silly blogs about toys I want to buy and-or the latest CD's I picked up.

Anyway, if you are visiting here looking for my comics or how you can get ahold of some, leave a comment or feel free to email me and I'll hook you up with SOMETHING.

Until then, feel free to check out these old strips I've done through the years...




United Arab Emirates
by kos
Tue Feb 21, 2006 at 10:32:03 AM PDT

We see Orrin Hatch and countless of Republican apologists continue to pretend that Iraq had something to do with Al Qaida in order to justify the clusterfrack in Iraq.

Then there's the United Arab Emirates. And what's the UAE record on terrorism?

**The UAE was one of three countries in the world to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

**The UAE has been a key transfer point for illegal shipments of nuclear components to Iran, North Korea and Lybia.

**According to the FBI, money was transferred to the 9/11 hijackers through the UAE banking system.

**After 9/11, the Treasury Department reported that the UAE was not cooperating in efforts to track down Osama Bin Laden's bank accounts.

We bomb Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11, yet we hand UAE the keys to our ports.

That's the Bush Administration in action.



Been waiting for this to hit the States for a while now. Only got to listen to a lil' bit of it while driving around on my lunch break, but it's fast and catchy! Kind of has a tiny bit of The Streets in there with always hitting the clubs and telling the ladies that "you're good enough" or that he'll "still take you home." Overall, I'd recommend it if you only have the $$$ to buy one album this week.






I work at my family's Harley Davidson shop each and every Saturday and man-o-man is it a blast! Take today for example, we got a new Musak sound system and are giving out free lunches. Hot dogs and N*SYNC's "Dirrrty Pop" all around me! Is there anything better?

No. The answer is no.



New season starts tonight on HBO. Check it out if you enjoy politics mixed with humor and curse words. Here's a clip of Bill on Hardball last week, minus the cussing of course.



Anyone wanna give me $50 so that I can buy this?! Anyone? Anyone?

A video game about tagging all over the city and trying to take down the evil empire! What's not to love?!


Yes, I'm 26 and I still enjoy buying action figures. I'm not a HUGE nerd and just leave them in the box after I buy them, to ensure their value. No, I break them out and totally have a "action figure parade."

Anyway, the annual Toy Fest is underway in Ney York and here's some highlights (for me anyway. Head over to IGN and see the rest of pics for yourself)

SIMPSONS BUST UPS! These things come in lil' coffin shaped boxes (for the Treehouse of Horror anyway) and like eight different pieces. You put the pieces together and make these awesome tiny sculptures!

If you don't have kids, you're probably missing FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS on the Cartoon Network. That's a damn shame. Cause it's got some amazing art design and really smart stories that don't talk down to kids like they're idiots. It also has Edwardo...the one that Bloo and Mac are sitting on...he's the best!

I love this sculpture based off Mike Mignola's BATMAN in the Black & White books. It's a 3D sculpt that looks 2D when you glance at it. So neat!

Molly would kill me if I actually went out and bought something like this, but ain't it cool?! No? I'm a giant nerd for thinking this HELLBOY statue is cool? Psssh, who asked you anyway...

Now, I was really young when MIAMI VICE was on TV...but did one of them reeeeally have a pet aligator?! That's fucked up.

I hate FAMILY GUY, but a lot of you idiots like it...so these are for you. Enjoy it, you mean bastards. I'm still not over you making fun of me for that Hellboy one...

And finally, these aren't toys, but 3D PAPER PUZZLES. Don't ask me how they work, but damn if it doesn't look interesting...



LOST. What a great fucking show. Tonight's episode was one of the best. It told a strong back story while driving the "island" plot into even more interesting territory. Sayid is one bad motherfucker. Sawyer is becoming more and more of an asshole. Jack needs to loosen up a bit. And whoever that "Other" is...you know that he's for even more trouble. Did I mention how much I love this show?!

Here's a question, for all you fellow LOST fans out there...

Was that picture, (the one the soldier was looking at while he talked to Sayid in the flashback) Kate?! It flashed by so quickly...

Oh, and it's off until after the olympics, but here's a lil' bit of good news for all you Office lovers out there...

NBC has decided to keep "The Office" open for a while longer this season, extending the show's run into May. "Joey" is also returning to the network's schedule, where it gets the unenviable task of airing opposite "American Idol."
"The Office" had been scheduled to finish its season at the end of March, with its time period going to a new show, "Teachers," for the remainder of the season. But given the show's improved ratings since moving to Thursdays in January, the network decided to keep it on the air.

Some of those extra weeks will be filled with repeats, as "The Office" has already run through the majority of its order for the season. NBC has asked for one additional episode to help fill out the time; the show's season finale is now scheduled for Thursday, May 11.

And if you're not watching 24, you are missing one hell of a action-packed season!!!



Best Valentine's Day card, ever!!!


There wasn't shit at the record shop today. Luckily, iTunes had tons to choose from!


25 tracks, including a couple covers (Prince's I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man) and backed up with an amazing set of strings, you have yourself a nice live album that isn't simply the studio versions plus a drum solo or two. I highly recommend this one.


Next week, their full album hits the US...so until then, this four song EP will have to tide you over. And buying it off iTunes is MUCH cheaper than buying the $12 import!!!

And I can't find an image, but I also bought MORRISSEY's single of "YOU HAVE KILLED ME"

**oh, and I almost forgot about this, until I read the press release and it reminded me...

Nelson Unveils 'Gay Cowboy' Valentine

February 14, 2006, 4:45 PM ET

Willie Nelson chose Valentine's Day to release the gay-themed song "Cowboys are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other)." The country music icon premiered the track this morning (Feb. 14) on Howard Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio show as it was being made exclusively available via Apple's iTunes music store.

Nelson recorded the song, written in 1981 by songwriter Ned Sublette, last year at his home studio in Perdernales, Texas, around the time he first mentioned it during an appearance on Stern's former terrestrial radio show. The timing of the song's release coincides with a time when the idea of gay cowboys is being discussed throughout the media due to the success of the Academy Award-nominated film "Brokeback Mountain."

Coincidentally, Nelson contributed the track "He Was a Friend of Mine" to the movie's Verve soundtrack, which peaked at No. 54 on The Billboard 200.

"The song's been in the closet for 20 years," Nelson says in a statement released to the Dallas Morning News. "The timing's right for it to come out. I'm just opening the door."

Adding to the track's poignancy is David Anderson, Nelson's longtime tour manager, who revealed his homosexuality to Nelson two years ago.

"This song obviously has special meaning to me in more ways than one," Anderson tells the Dallas Morning News. "I want people to know more than anything -- gay, straight, whatever -- just how cool Willie is and ... his way of thinking, his tolerance, everything about him."

A video "Cowboys are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other)" will be created by the Broken Lizard comedy troupe ("Super Troopers," "Club Dread") with plans to release it exclusively through iTunes.


THE DAILY SHOW was on fire last night!

Jon Stewart: "I'm joined now by our own vice-presidential firearms mishap analyst, Rob Corddry. Rob, obviously a very unfortunate situation. How is the vice president handling it?

Rob Corddry: "Jon, tonight the vice president is standing by his decision to shoot Harry Wittington. According to the best intelligence available, there were quail hidden in the brush. Everyone believed at the time there were quail in the brush.

"And while the quail turned out to be a 78-year-old man, even knowing that today, Mr. Cheney insists he still would have shot Mr. Whittington in the face. He believes the world is a better place for his spreading buckshot throughout the entire region of Mr. Whittington's face."

Jon Stewart: "But why, Rob? If he had known Mr. Whittington was not a bird, why would he still have shot him?"

Rob Corddry: "Jon, in a post-9-11 world, the American people expect their leaders to be decisive. To not have shot his friend in the face would have sent a message to the quail that America is weak."

Jon Stewart: "That's horrible."

Rob Corddry: "Look, the mere fact that we're even talking about how the vice president drives up with his rich friends in cars to shoot farm-raised wingless quail-tards is letting the quail know 'how' we're hunting them. I'm sure right now those birds are laughing at us in that little 'covey' of theirs.

Jon Stewart: "I'm not sure birds can laugh, Rob."

Rob Corddry: "Well, whatever it is they do ... coo .. they're cooing at us right now, Jon, because here we are talking openly about our plans to hunt them. Jig is up. Quails one, America zero.

Jon Stewart: "Okay, well, on a purely human level, is the vice president at least sorry?"

Rob Corddry: "Jon, what difference does it make? The bullets are already in this man's face. Let's move forward across party lines as a people ... to get him some sort of mask."



Maybe that was his excuse? I dunno. But I do know it must take TONS of manly skill to shoot a lil' bird with a fucking SHOTGUN?! Jesus Christ...the range of that thing is probably at least 25 feet!

Anyway, watch Scott McCellan squirm at the press briefing when the reporters start pointing out the fact it took 20+ hours to inform the media about the shooting doesn't make much sense...

(and this lil' tidbit took place before the cameras started rolling...)

Why was the White House relying on a Texas rancher to get the word of Cheney's hunting accident out over the weekend, asked Gregory, accusing McClellan of "ducking and weaving.''

"“David, hold on… the cameras aren't on right now,'' McClellan replied. "You can do this later.''

"Don't accuse me of trying to pose to the cameras,'' the newsman said, his voice rising somewhat. "Don’t be a jerk to me personally when I’m asking you a serious question.''

"You don't have to yell,'' McClellan said.

"I will yell,'' said Gregory, pointing a finger at McCellan at his dais. "If you want to use that podium to try to take shots at me personally, which I don’t appreciate, then I will raise my voice, because that’s wrong.’’

‘’Calm down, Dave, calm down,'' said McClellan, remaining calm throughout the exchange.

"I'll calm down when I feel like calming down,'' Greogry said. "You answer the question.'

"I have answered the question,'' said McClellan, who had maintained that the vice president's office was in charge of getting the information out and worked with the ranch owner to do that. "I'm sorry you're getting all riled up about.''

"I am riled up,'' Gregory said, "because you’re not answering the question,''

McClellan insisted he understood that reporters deserve an answer.

"I think you have legitimate questions to ask,'' the press secretary said. "The vice president’s office was the one that took the lead to get this information out… I don’t know what else to tell you... That's my answer.''



What a fantastic way to go out. Four episodes back to back! It was like watching the DVDs...with commercials added...and the swear words still bleeped.

Speaking of, how about a one last "FUCK YOU FOX" for not understanding how to promote smart comedy. NBC obviously gets it. Hopefully Showtime (who is waiting to buy Arrested Development as soon as Fox "officially cancels it") will make good use and we'll get another couple of seasons at least.

If not, I'm happy with how they ended things tonight. Although I might have been able to sleep easier tonight without the "not blurred enough" photo of Tobias standing over Lindsay as she sat in the bathtub giving birth. *shiver*


Just a few things that I've enjoyed watching lately.

KEITH OLBERMANN talking about the terrorist strike out in LA that was "foiled..."

JON STEWART talking about the NSA hearing...

SCOTTY MCLIEALOT AND HELEN THOMAS at a press briefing earlier in the week. They need to get their own show!

ALPHA DOG trailer. Cause Justin Timberlake all tattooed up is soooo dreamy...

ME & MY KATAMARI trailers for the upcoming PSP game...


die cupid 2
That's the mix CD I made to celebrate the holiday. If you'd like one, feel free to email me at: thefoxymoron@aol.com and gimme your address. And make sure to include which window you sleep next to at night...um...for no reason...



If you know anything about me, you know that I love everything about Ben Harper. I've seen him in concert more than I care to admit, met him in person and handed him my comics once, used his song "Beloved One" as our wedding song, and gave Lex the middle name of "Harper." (It also means musical and creative)

So when I read the other day that he has a new album coming out on March 21st, I was really excited! Then I read that it's a double album filled with protest songs, I was even more excited! Take a look at the lyrics for BLACK RAIN down below...it's an amazing assault on the Bush administration for their (mis)handing of the entire Katrina fiasco.

you left them swimming for their lives
down in new orleans
can't afford a gallon of gasoline
with your useless degrees and contrary statistics
this government business is straight up sadistic

now you don't fight for us
but expect us to die for you
you have no sympathy for us
but still i cry for you
now you may kill the revolutionary
but the revolution you can never bury

don't speak to us like we work for you
selling false hope like some new dope we're addicted to
i'm not a desperate man but these are desperate times at hand
this generation is beyond your command

and it won't be long
'til the people flood the streets
to take you down
one and all
a black rain is gonna fall




Honestly, it's Jack Johnson...you either love him or hate him. It happens to have three things in it's favor for me, #1: Jack Johnson, #2: Kids Songs, #3: Monkeys. Molly and I are actually kind of a suckers for kids music, even before we had Lex. We both adore They Might Be Giants (who's kids album NO! is actually quite good) and have purchased quite a few collections of cover albums ranging from Willie Nelson to The Dixie Chicks to Madonna to Dave Matthews...

Basically having the baby was just an excuse. Kind of like my "action figure addiction."



Go read this great article about Stephen Colbert over at newsweek. You'll be glad that you did. Unless you hate freedom and enjoy making bald eagles cry...



Try and catch SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE tonight if you can. I know, lately it's sucked beyond belief (last week's host Dane Cook is, in the words of Office Space, a no-talent ass clown...who in their right mind thinks he's funny?!) but tonight has Steve Martin hosting and PRINCE as the musical guest!

Go watch his new video for BLACK SWEAT and pray he plays that tonight...


Chris Matthews is such a tool. A couple of weeks ago he compared Osama bin Laden's latest video to something Michael Moore might say and now he's hot on the case to figuring out who's responsible for burning down those churches in Alabama...

MATTHEWS: Is there anything in the papers down there where a Baptist church has taken a position on some social issue, gay marriage, something that's hot, where that would have aroused somebody?

ATF AGENT CAVANAUGH: I haven't seen that Chris, but it's very viable because we had an arson at a Unitarian church in rural Virginia, back in the summer, and it was right after the church at a national level had embraced gay members. There was an attack on this church in Staunton, Virginia, so things like that can happen.

MATTHEWS: That's why I'm thinking like that because the more liberal churches would drive some people on the right crazy and maybe a more liberal person, who's gay for example, would feel that they've been terrorized by the beliefs of another church too. We don't know.

Did I miss all those OTHER arson incidents that were caused by Gay Liberals?! Or those abortion center bombings?! Or all those cross burnings?! I mean, they totally fit the profile of being agressssssssive and daaaaaaaangerous!

What an idiot. Feel free to send these guys your support.



I think THIS might be what President Bush was talking about when he mentioned, "Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit the most egregious abuses of medical research – human cloning in all its forms … creating or implanting embryos for experiments … creating human-animal hybrids … and buying, selling, or patenting human embryos..."

It's another awesome website for kids created by Homeland Security. This time with creepy looking "cougar-people" and a fun quiz that includes questions like:

Which of the following is NOT an important part of an emergency supply kit?
-Flashlights and batteries
-Your bug collection

Needless to say, I didn't pass. :(



Is there a better show on TV right now than THE OFFICE?! No. The answer is no. Tonight's episode was so fucking good. How can you not just smile from ear to ear when Dwight turns to the camera and asks, "Remember on Lost when they met the OTHERS?!" It's in it's own league at this point...too smart for it's own good! I'm loving every minute of where Pam and Jim's love story is going...or not going. There's an amazing amount of actually CARING for these characters in between laughing your ass off at them. Go visit BJ Novak's MySpace page down there in the links and tell him that you want him to write all the episodes from now on. He's written the best ones thus far (Diversity Day, The Fire, Girls & boys) and even finds the time to play Ryan the temp...

Also, what's up with NOT voting the black lady off Survivor tonight?! You vote off the woman who got you a fish instead?! Can someone please please PLEASE get the producers a memo and forbid letting the black lady (like I know anyone's name at this point...it's only been ONE episode) from wearing a bathing suit ever again?! I thought CBS was going to run out of that "blurry stuff" as she was bending over digging in the sand during the challenge. Good God...soooooo not needed. *shiver*


I love Countdown. It's like The Daily Show...only fo' reals.

This is worth watching again and again and again and...


Tom Toles is easily my favorite political cartoonist...so I was intrigued when I read this yesterday...

US military chiefs denounce Washington Post cartoon

US military chiefs expressed outrage over a "reprehensible" Washington Post cartoon which used a soldier who has lost his arms and legs in battle to portray the state of US military readiness.

"We're all very upset about that," General Peter Schoomaker, the army chief of staff told reporters.

Schoomaker and the other military chiefs took the unusual step of signing a a joint letter to the Washington Post blasting the cartoon by Tom Toles, the newspaper's editorial cartoonist.

"Using the likeness of a service member who has lost his arms and legs in war as the central theme of a cartoon was beyond tasteless," the letter said, which the Post published Thursday.

It was signed by General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the vice chairman and the heads of the army, navy, air force and marine corps.

The cartoon, which was published January 29, showed a heavily bandaged soldier with no arms or legs.

At his side, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, dressed as a doctor, says: "I'm listing your condition as battle hardened."

The cartoon alluded to comments Rumsfeld made last week rejecting a Pentagon-commissioned study that warned that the over-stretched army was becoming a "thin green line."

The chiefs said the Post was free to criticize the state of military readiness.

"However, The Post and Mr. Toles have done a disservice to readers and to The Post's reputation by using such a callous depiction of those who volunteered to defend this nation and, as a result, suffered traumatic and life-altering wounds," it said.

They extolled wounded veterans as "brave men and women with a sense of purpose and selfless commitment that causes battle-hardened warriors to pause."

"While The Post and some of its readers may not agree with the war or its conduct, these men and women and their families are owed the decency of not having a cartoon make light of their tremendous physical sacrifices," it said.

"As the joint chiefs, we rarely put our hand to one letter, but we cannot let this reprehensible cartoon go unanswered," it said.

In a story about the letter, the Post quoted Toles as saying he never intended the cartoon to be read as a personal attack or a derogatory comment on the service and sacrifice of US soldiers.

He said that in thinking about Rumsfeld's remarks "what came soon to mind was the catastrophic level of injuries the Army and members of the armed services have sustained."

"I thought my portrayal of it was a fair depiction of the reality of the situation," he said.

Here's the cartoon in question...

Okay, here's my rant. First of all, anyone with a brain could realize that the cartoon isn't making fun or light of the TROOPS at all. The punchline of the cartoon is that Rumsfeld is an asshole. Plain and simple. So the idea that this liberal cartoonist is attacking the military is false and frankly soooooo "2003." People are getting pissed off (rightly so) of being accused of being Anti-Military simply cause they feel like the war is wrong. I think we've reached past the point that only "liberals" feel that way and slowly but surely the American People are realizing that the longer we stay in Iraq, the worse off we're going to be.

Secondly, it's a fucking cartoon. The fact that the joint chiefs of the military actually got together and condemned this cartoon by signing a letter pretty much shows why we're in this mess to begin with.

How about some body armor for the troops?

How about a clear set of ideals and stragegies to ensure some sort of victory in Iraq? (if it's even possible at this point?!)

How about figuring out the easiest and earliest way to get us the fuck out of Iraq?! (cough cough OURUPCOMINGELECTIONSINNOVEMBER! cough)

What's that? You're going to write a letter blasting a political cartoonist instead?! Well, at least you have your priorities.