Try and catch SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE tonight if you can. I know, lately it's sucked beyond belief (last week's host Dane Cook is, in the words of Office Space, a no-talent ass clown...who in their right mind thinks he's funny?!) but tonight has Steve Martin hosting and PRINCE as the musical guest!

Go watch his new video for BLACK SWEAT and pray he plays that tonight...


Jamie S. Rich said...

I love that they did a Prince show. Too bad they couldn't have somehow got him invovled. Like if when Fred Armisen went to the mirror, Prince was looking back at him.

I actually think the show has been on the upswing since the Alec Baldwin episode (Dane Cook was a rerun...though, I actually find his stand-up funny even if we all know he'll eventually end up on the road with Jim Breur, where they try to out-bloat each other). Baldwin hosting was like the ultimate test for me. If they couldn't pull it off with him around, then they have to stop.

Travis said...

Really? I keep hoping and praying for an upswing, (I honestly love the show and have watched it ever since I was a lil' kid) but I haven't seen it yet this season. Even the Steve Martin episode suffered horrible writing.

The opening sketch with Alec Baldwin getting killed by Steve Martin was funny,(minus the Viagra timer?! WTF was that about?!) as was the teddy bear "commercial." But then that Oprah sketch came and I was like, "oooh what a great idea to make fun of that asshole James Frey!" But they changed the author to someone else and it ended up being really, really lame.

The "Hammas" sketch was okay, but nothing special.

Weekend Update (usually the best part of the show) was like three minutes long?!

And that "surfer" sketch was easily the worst sketch they've ever gone through with. Painfully unfunny.

Prince owned everyone's ass though. You see him playing that guitar one handed?! Without breaking a sweat?! He's almost 50!!!

And I can't believe you think Dane Cook is funny...you're losing your touch!! :P