Chris Matthews is such a tool. A couple of weeks ago he compared Osama bin Laden's latest video to something Michael Moore might say and now he's hot on the case to figuring out who's responsible for burning down those churches in Alabama...

MATTHEWS: Is there anything in the papers down there where a Baptist church has taken a position on some social issue, gay marriage, something that's hot, where that would have aroused somebody?

ATF AGENT CAVANAUGH: I haven't seen that Chris, but it's very viable because we had an arson at a Unitarian church in rural Virginia, back in the summer, and it was right after the church at a national level had embraced gay members. There was an attack on this church in Staunton, Virginia, so things like that can happen.

MATTHEWS: That's why I'm thinking like that because the more liberal churches would drive some people on the right crazy and maybe a more liberal person, who's gay for example, would feel that they've been terrorized by the beliefs of another church too. We don't know.

Did I miss all those OTHER arson incidents that were caused by Gay Liberals?! Or those abortion center bombings?! Or all those cross burnings?! I mean, they totally fit the profile of being agressssssssive and daaaaaaaangerous!

What an idiot. Feel free to send these guys your support.

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