What a fantastic way to go out. Four episodes back to back! It was like watching the DVDs...with commercials added...and the swear words still bleeped.

Speaking of, how about a one last "FUCK YOU FOX" for not understanding how to promote smart comedy. NBC obviously gets it. Hopefully Showtime (who is waiting to buy Arrested Development as soon as Fox "officially cancels it") will make good use and we'll get another couple of seasons at least.

If not, I'm happy with how they ended things tonight. Although I might have been able to sleep easier tonight without the "not blurred enough" photo of Tobias standing over Lindsay as she sat in the bathtub giving birth. *shiver*


Jamie S. Rich said...

Whatttt? These aired? Crap!

Jamie S. Rich said...

Phew. Thank goodness for the criminal internet underworld. Now I know what I'm doing with my afternoon!

Fuck you, Fox TV!

Travis said...

Yeah, I figured it would be online somewhere...if not, maybe iTunes would post it soon. I've bought a couple episodes of The Office off there and wish all networks would just let you buy episodes for $1.99 like that.

Have a fun afternoon. Nothing is hotter than real life brother and sister trying to get it on!