Wow. Imagine my surprize when I open up Wizard magazine today and see that "FOXYMORON" is listed as #3 on it's list of TOP 5 MINI-COMICS. I was contacted a lil' while ago from a writer from the magazine who had picked up my books on a subway car in New York (of all places?!) and loved the hell out of them. He asked if I was still doing them and told me they were looking to showcase some different self-published comics. So I sent him a copy of the last Foxymoron's I had printed up and never heard anything else about it.

Cut to a couple months later and now I'm supposedly #3 in Mini-Comic-Book-Land. I mean, I'm fucking honored, but shit...there are TONS of better books out there. (Okay, plenty of mini comics suck, but still.) Anyway, for those of you who don't go into comic shops, led alone buy a magazine ABOUT comic books, here's what the blurb states:

The freshest in a long line of social commentary comic creators, Travis Fox stirs his own brand of humor with an attractive art style that keeps the tone fun, but very relevant. Laugh at his cute son or debate his political leanings, but whatever you do, please visit www.foxymoronsucks.blogspot.com for more."

Which means that people are going to come here and be HUGELY disapointed. I guess when I get home tonight, I should post some actual comics and not silly blogs about toys I want to buy and-or the latest CD's I picked up.

Anyway, if you are visiting here looking for my comics or how you can get ahold of some, leave a comment or feel free to email me and I'll hook you up with SOMETHING.

Until then, feel free to check out these old strips I've done through the years...


Jason Arnett said...

Only #3? The article was rigged, RIGGED! I say!

Seriously, man, congrats. That's really great. I knew we wouldn't be able to keep you to ourselves for very long.

Ed Bickford said...

WOW! saw the article and had to say congrats Trav. It has been a while since I have seen a Foxymoron comic, but keep up the good work dude and keep us laughing.
Im gonna link this to my blog, so you will have like 1 more person that will discover this. LOL.

-Ed Bickford

PS. if you get the chance check out my blog. Its nothing fancy (some cookie cutter blog format), but it has new art from me;)

Meg said...

I'm proud... impressed... and all of that other stuff! Congratulations! YaY!

melissa said...

I love that Lex is totally drooling in those pictures, he was really impressed.

Duane said...

Wow, congrats, Travis... seeing your name in Wizard fulfills a childhood fantasy for any comic artist. Way to go.