I dunno why these sprung to mind tonight, but they're both cherished memories from being a teenager. Both are from 1994, the same year my Mother passed away, and both are extremely funny. (I used to tape things on VHS tapes and go back and watch them over and over again. TV shows, comedy specials, cartoons...it was waaaaaaay before you knew that they'd just turn around and sell this shit to you all over again on DVD.)

This first clips is of Madonna on Letterman. If you haven't ever seen this, you're missing out on one of the best moments in talk show history. She's on for nearly 20 minutes, refusing to leave, cursing like a sailor, making lots and lots of sex jokes, insulting Dave...it's the best thing I ever remember about watching The Late Show.

The next segment is broken up into 2 clips, but man, this interview stuck in my brain for years. I loved how nervous Chris Farley was...how humble and shy and sweaty he was to be sitting next to David Letterman. I love when he slams his hand down on the chair and goes, "I'm on his show!!!" I thought to myself, "I'd do the very same thing if I were ever on there." Right down to telling stories about my family and using lots of self-depricating humor.

This is when the interview gets soooooo good. Him talking about his dad is exactly how my own father was. And the way Farley makes Letterman laugh, almost coughing...so best.

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