So, here's the deal. We only get 48 more episodes after this season. Lindelof & Cuse are staying until the end, and having an end date allows them to keep the bar high right up until the very end.

...but the bad news is that ABC wants to keep the show on the air for as long as they can. So the deal they worked out is 48 episodes spread out over THREE seasons. Yes, you read that right, we only get 16 episodes a year. The somewhat good news is that when they decide to bring it back (it hasn't been finalized yet) there will be 16 episodes back to back. No repeats and no "mini-seasons" with a break in the middle.

I'm excited that ABC, a national television network, is allowing one of their top-rated shows have an end date. This ensures they tell every single story they want to tell and lets them frame the rest of the story around the idea that they HAVE to end it all 48 episodes from now. Like J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, having an end date serves to keep the story from becoming bloated and unfocused.

But man...only 16 episodes a season? With like EIGHT MONTHS in between seasons?! Let's hope McFarlane keeps releasing action figures so I can play out other storylines in my living room...in my underware...you know that's how I roll...

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Ryanetics said...

I was just about to blog about this hahaha. scooped me again Fox!

I agree that it sucks we will only have 16 episodes per season but I do think this is the best compromise we could hope for from a corporate parent of a creative property.