If you saw Transformers, you've probably seen this (yet un-named) movie trailer from producer JJ Abrams and two writers from LOST. If not, prepare yourself for what looks to be a "monster movie" from the viewpoint of random people throughout town.

This is EXACTLY what trailers should be like. A fucking tease that leaves you wanting to know more! Not the "let's ruin everything for you in two minutes" shit that is far too common these days...

For more awesomeness, check out the websites and solve some puzzles.


Jason Arnett said...

I was hoping you'd post this, Travis. You're absolutely right about trailers these days, and this one really got my interest.

However, all the kids in the audience I was with were scared and frantically asking their dads "What IS that?"

BTW, I didn't really expect to like Transformers, but I did. It hit all the right notes with me and I was never a fan of the cartoon.

Zach said...

It seems that good ol' JJ Abrams has a weird hard-on for "unseen monsters growling and shaking things" Heck, they've been doing that on LOST since the beginning.

That, however, didn't stop me from wasting 2 hours last night trying to solve those stupid puzzles and going "oooh neat" at the trailer.