I've seriously have had more than my share of bullshit from this Administration, but claiming "executive privilege" over the death of Pat Tilman is the last straw. What the fuck are they thinking?! For five weeks they fed us all the LIE that he was killed by enemy fire and turning him into some sort of "hero" all the while knowing full well that he was actually killed by "friendly fire."

This is a major cover-up. There needs to be an investigation and there needs to be accountability...I know, I know...that's CRAAAAAZY talk.

But enough is enough. It is unbelievibly crystal fucking clear that this President feels that he is above the law and that he's looking out for his own interests, instead of that of the Nation.

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Anonymous said...

A fucking me brother the Death of Pat Tilman Executive priv, the Firing of the Eight Rethuglican Attorneys, Ex priv, the cretin in chief need to be impeached, impaled and in Jail with go fuck your self Cheney, No Sir you Go fuck yourself death to all rethuglicans because life would be better without them.