I used to be able to keep up with this blog on a somewhat regular basis, and lately, I just toss up youtube videos or lots of giant photos and "best of" lists to take up space and make it appear like I'm actually blogging.

The problem is that I just kind of do them spur-of-the-moment and end up forgetting a few and then not having the energy to go back and fix the original post (or even add words to explain what I liked about certain films.) So without further ado, here's two movies that I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally loved, but for whatever reason, blanked out on remembering to include them on my "Top Ten Movies of the Year" list:


Another strong performance from Tommy Lee Jones in a film that NO ONE saw. I think it ended up making like $6 Million in the box office. Which is a shame, because it wasn't just an "anti-war movie" but a pretty important murder-mystery about what happens to our soldiers when they come back home and can't leave the war in the desert.


Such an amazing film, but one that came out so early in the year and one that was underestimated and underappreciated film, that it totally fell off the radar for a lot of people. (Myself included.) Not like anything David Fincher has ever done before, and a movie that felt as if it came straight out of the 1970's. It was flawless, it sucked you in and it made murder feel raw and dramatic in a way that CSI makes it feel fun and flashy. I'm trying to think if you actually "see" anyone die or even get stabbed or shot. If memory serves correctly, it all happens off-camera. But, and this is how brilliant it is and how torture-porn like SAW should take notes, I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to look away from the screen during the murder scenes. Much like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, there were no joy in these killings. You never "root" for the bad guy. It's much too real to be "enjoyed."

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