I ate it up last night. A giant bowl of politics. When I closed my eyes, I still saw the states flashing red or blue. Then, I dreamed of delegates. Sure, Molly and I maaaaaaaaaay have taken in a couple Law & Order SVU's in between waiting for the damn polls to close out West, (stupid time zones!) but I hung out until they called Missouri for Clinton and then re-called it for Obama! That was enough for me, I had to sleep sooner or later. (I'd STILL be up if I had decided to wait for the results in New Mexico!)

But I've had various people email me being like, "Are you sad? Are you still thinking Obama can pull an upset?" I suppose people thought California was the dealbreaker. I think it was important, but not the "either win it or go home" piece some of the networks were making it out to be.

Look at the ground Obama covered. This thing wasn't supposed to have been close. He had ONE WEEK to catch up to Hillary. She's had this election in the bag for months now. Her national polls consistantly showed her ahead by double digits. If Obama could at least break even on Super Tuesday, that would be a huge victory for him. And he did. Look at the final votes last night:

Clinton: 50.2% (7,347,971)
Obama: 49.8% (7,294,851)

As far, what the future means for Hillary and why she should be worried, this article sums it up pretty damn well.

1. She lost the delegate derby. Pure and simple, this is a war to win delegates, one that might not be decided until this summer’s Democratic convention.

And when the smoke cleared this morning, it appeared that Barack Obama had ended up with slightly more delegates in the 22 states.

Obama’s campaign says the senator finished ahead by 14 delegates.

With results still coming in, Clinton’s campaign says the candidates finished within five or six delegates of each other. Either way, Super Tuesday was essentially a draw.

Clinton may still hold the edge overall, but Obama is closing in rapidly.

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