When asked about the signifigance the 4,000th US soldier killed in Iraq meant, Dick Cheney responded, "It places a special burden obviously on the families, and we recognize, I think — it's a reminder of the extent to which we are blessed with families who've sacrificed as they have."

"The president carries the biggest burden, obviously," Cheney said. "He's the one who has to make the decision to commit young Americans, but we are fortunate to have a group of men and women, the all-volunteer force, who voluntarily put on the uniform and go in harm's way for the rest of us."

...really?! It's the President who carries the biggest burden?! Cause he didn't volunteer to become President, you see. He just happened to be elected! The poor bastard, he didn't WANT to become a "War President" it just somehow occured...and like fuck he could, you know, stop it or anything rash like that...

Besides, it's going so swimmingly.

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