...I'm a lot like yooooooooou were....

So. I'm 29 today. Yes, almost 30. Yes, almost dead. No, I don't mind. In fact, I feel much older, easily 33 or so. (ha!)

But, even though I get more backaches now and am more out of shape than I've ever been, deep down I'm still a lil' kid. I like toys and cartoons. Take, for example, Molly's gift to me (and Lex) for my birthday present:

I can see the face you're making, and I don't care. I'm excited to go home tonight and play with that with my son! Molly's parents bought me a Sony Cybershot camera since I broke mine out in Six Flags, (damn you roller coasters!!!) so I also got my "typical young male electronics fetish" filled as well.

If any of you have time-traveling abilities and want to get me any of these awesome things that'll be coming out in the coming months, feel free...

De Blob! (video game for Wii)

Gotham Knight

Little Big Planet (PS3 video game that is going to be game of the year!!!)

Resident Evil 5 (PS3 video game)

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Bethany Frances said...

Happy Birthday! This is Lee Leslie's wife who did have to write that sign backwards and appreciates one person noticing!!!! How observant!