Kos over at Dailykos.com just did a great post about the sad lessons Obama learned when dealing with Republicans over this stimulus...

Basically, you don't offer them shit up front. Because they'll bitch and whine and moan that it's "$900 Billion dollars worth of PORK!" even though 40% of it was TAX CUTS specifically to get them on board.

So when asked a question last night during the press conference about what lessons he learned, Obama responded:

Now, just in terms of the historic record here, the Republicans were brought in early and were consulted. They were pleasantly surprised and complimentary about the tax cut that were presented in that framework. Those tax cuts are still in there. I mean, I suppose what I could have done is started off with no tax cuts, knowing that I was going to want some and then let them take credit for all of them. And maybe that’s the lesson I learned.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is how things get done in Washington. It took Obama two lousy weeks to realize that you can't come in and act like we're all in this together...you have to treat the Republicans like the spoiled brats they are, let them make their idle threats and smear your ideas with tar and feathers, and THEN give them what you were planning on giving them all along.


elBryan said...

I agree. I want Obama to be more hostile toward and less willing to work with Republicans. And I hope all of his legislation continues to be as offensive to 75% of Americans as this was.

If he signs this, it will haunt him like Iraq haunted Bush, and Bush even got Democrats to vote for that thing.

Let me just be serious for a second and say that if the Republicans continue this streak of fiscal conservatism and take back the house and senate in 2010, I'll vote for Obama in 2012 [two exceptiong; Huckabee or MAYBE Jindal.]

I'm wishing his presidency well, assuming he keeps Pelosi on a tight leash until his opposition can get organized and grow some teeth.

Travis said...

"...offensive to 75% of Americans as this was."

Do you just pull numbers like that out of your ass? Every poll out there (aside from Rasmussen which skewed the data by tossing the phrase "congressional Democrats" into their question) shows that the stimulus is still above a 50% approval rating.


The American people are wanting something to happen, and Obama's approval ratings are still in the 70% range, so I wouldn't get your GOP balloons out for 2010 quite yet.


And when exactly are they planning on starting this "fiscal conservatism?" Because the last 8 years proved that they could give a rat's ass about the National Debt...until a Democrat is suddenly President.

Besides, you missed the whole part of my post. It's not about being "hostile toward and less willing to work with Republicans." It's about not coming in with a compromise already in place. He came in, offered up tax cuts (40% of them!) and Republicans still wanted to huff and puff instead of get this thing passed. Whereas if he had simply said, "No dice" and they had to use their clout and manuverings in order to get those tax cuts into the stimulus, they'd feel like big boys who actually accomplished something.

Also, you keep telling me that "if he signs this, it'll haunt him like Iraq haunted Bush." Please explain that to me. Because the things about Iraq that should haunt Bush for the rest of his life have absolutely NOTHING to do with the amount of money it cost us. Obama isn't going to take this $800 Billion dollars and invade Canada.

And lastly, fill me in on the "keeps Pelosi on a tight leash" bit as well. Aside from the sexism that is dripping off that comment, what exactly is Pelosi doing that is so outrageous? I know she's a favorite punching bag on talk radio, but I'm curious why you think she's that much of an issue?

elBryan said...

I care about fiscal conservatism. Republicans cared before they elected George W. Bush, and hopefully care again. It's looking pretty good.

100 reasons why I hate Nancy Pelosi [abridged.]
1) She doesn't know that natural gas is a fossil fuel, (but I'm not sure too many Democrats know that.)
2) She is Tom Delay on crack, and I didn't have anything nice to say about him either.
100) I am sexist. I will rarely vote for a female candidate. Mainly because I hate working with women. They hold grudges. Aside from McCaskill and Palin, I usually vote AGAINST women just because they're women.

Anyway, Clinton passed a $3.5 B stimulus and lost the house to Republicans, so I'm hoping the same thing will happen to Obama. If the next eight years are anything like the 90s minus the infidelity, I will consider his Presidency a success.

I still haven't met a Democrat that could defend this stimulus other than to say, "Give Obama a chance," "he's testing an economic theory," or "what else are we going to do?" I have an idea, make 2009 payroll tax free, use socialism as a deterrent, i.e. reform entitlements by imposing strict regulations on recipients (kinda like CEOs,) and refocus efforts on primary education, specifically reading, writing, and grammar.

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