Colbert went after him again on Tuesday night


A lot of conservative commentators are laughable and easy to make fun of...but Glenn Beck takes the cake. I first heard about him about 2-3 years ago, when his radio show was first carried here in Kansas City. (Yes, I listen to talk radio on the way home sometimes...it's one of my vices) Molly's Dad was (and I say WAS, cause I don't think he still is) a big fan of his back in the day and while I got the gist that Beck was pretty religious and conservative, I never thought he was batshit insane...until recently.

He had a TV show on CNN a year or so ago that no one, and I mean NO ONE watched. He prides himself on being the "3rd Most Listened To Talk Show in America" on his radio program...which probably has a better ring to it rather than, "The 26th Most Watched TV Show Behind That Show About The Guy Who Can Talk To The Dogs."

But that was then...now he's on Fox. Big Time. He's getting on the cover of the New York Times. And to ensure he's getting the ratings, he's turned the crazy knob all the way to 11...and people are ripping him and his phony act to shreds...

Stephen Colbert has been the best at it...

But Keith Olbermann did a nice job last night of reminding us what kind of douche this guy has been for years before his pathetic "9/12 Project." For you see, he was against the victims of 9/11 before he was for them...

But here's the thing...even conservatives are starting to laugh at him and make fun of the crazy bullshit he's pulling out of his ass for ratings.

Shepard Smith from Fox News:

Joe Scarborough couldn't contain himself this morning:

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