...The Daily Show is more powerful than half of the "real" news out there. They are able to completely tear CNBC a new one, with nothing more than humor and facts. They call them out for being wrong about the stock market, leading the way for people to lose everything they had built up over the past decade, and even straight out call them whores for Wall Street...and not have to worry about being "fair and balanced." Because sometimes, there is no "other viewpoint" to consider. Sometimes, you have to push back hard, and remind people of who the real assholes who got us into this mess are. (Psssst, it ain't just the homeowners...no matter what Rush Limbaugh says)

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elBryan said...

Our President is the one blaming home owners. He said buying a home is a bad investment. He also said the stock market is simply a "tracking poll" so he's going to continue to talk down our economy on a daily basis. And he keeps reminding us that he inherited this deficit from Bush, but we're supposed to accept the fact that he outspent Bush in less than 30 days.

Rush blames the Democrats for their misguided "Everyone is entitled to a home," policies.

The "mess" as I see it is The Government telling it's citizens that it will give you basically anything you want if you can't afford it, no questions asked.

When you live with your parents, they pay your bills, but you have a curfew, you eat what they fix for dinner, and you can't get a tattoo. I'll support complete socialism for anyone who is too much of a d-bag to get a job as long as they are required to live in a government commune.

Travis said...

Elbryan, you never cease to amaze me.

Exactly which banks did the Democrats personally work out of? Were they the ones handing out loans and adjustable rate mortgages? Did Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank hold guns to the heads of Merrill Lynch and Citigroup and force them to give people houses?

I know it's a talking point Rush Limbaugh uses all the time, but it's probably just the OxyContin talking.

These private companies were LOVING the fact that they suckered all these people into mortgages that could rise and fall, require no money down, and end up creating more debt that their clients would spend the rest of their lives attempting to pay off.

And the idea of owning a home has been an "American Dream" for decades. It's hardly some new idea that the Democrats started. I remember plenty of Bush's State of The Union addresses where he was pinching his nipples at the number of Americans who now owned homes in this country was skyrocketing!

And I know you love just pulling quotes and statistics out of your ass, but please tell me where you heard President Obama tell the American people that "buying a home is a bad investment?!"

Because you realize that they're giving first-time home buyers a $8,000 tax credit...to...you know...BUY a home?!

And as far as "talking down our economy," I believe what you mean is, "He's not bullshiting us and acting like everything is dandy." That's what grown-ups do. They don't sugarcoat the truth just so they can score political points with the boys on Wall Street. He doesn't work for them, or the stock market...he works for the people. And after eight years of being talked to like I'm a 3rd grader, I'll take some reality checks and hard facts any day of the week.

elBryan said...

I'm not absolving Bush at all. I don't look at this as a Republican/Democrat blame game, I look at it as a Free Market/Government Entitlement blame game.

By encouraging people to buy homes that they couldn't afford, Bush made the problem more widespread, but seriously Travis, people have been buying homes forever, but it's only been a problem for the last decade.

That's because business practices changed when The Government changed the rules as far back as 1999.

Is it a conservative principle that every American is entitled to a house? Of course it isn't. That was pushed by Barney Frank. There were capitalist scheisters that took advantage of this, but you can't say that the Free Market wasn't doing what was in it's best interest... it was, in fact, told by The Government that any loans that couldn't be paid back would be insured by The Government. The Government wasn't doing what was in IT'S best interest.

It's like gambling with someone else's money. It's the same reason why teenagers inevitably end up wrecking their first car... because their parents paid for it.

And that's why we shouldn't be spending taxes to stop forclosures, and the President shouldn't be telling people at an Arizona High School that homes are bad investments, and Americans can't expect their homes to increase in value. I like that he's offering an $8,000 tax credit. Tax relief is a conservative principle. If he offered it to ANYONE buying a home, you'd have more investors who are currently sitting on their money waiting for Obama to talk the economy UP instead of down invest in real estate, with all of the expected tax increases in the near future.

Travis said...

Right, you don't look at this as a "Democrat-Republican blame game" but then you blame Barney Frank and link to Newsbusters as your source of news?!

Within the span of a couple paragraphs you contradict yourself once again.

And since you want to bring up 1999 and how Government changed the rules on the housing market which directly relates to the mess we're in today, let's state one incredible fact that you managed to leave out.

The person leading the fight to change the rules? That would be Texas Republican Phil Gramm...McCain's right hand man!


...but I'm sure in some way he was being forced to do so by the evil Democrats.