...if I am about to be arrested for the crime of being in my own home, you can make damn sure I'm not going to quietly go, "That's cool officer. Please escort me downtown so I can spend the night in jail until you get this all sorted out, thanks!" I'm going to be too busy being pissed off and screaming out, "ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?! THIS IS MY OWN HOUSE! HOW THE FUCK CAN I BE "BREAKING INTO" MY OWN GOD DAMN HOUSE?!"

And for all these conservative bloggers and commentators who have spent the past year (if not their entire lives) rallying against "the government" for "infringing on our rights" to be taking the side of the cops on this issue...it's just another reason why these people have zero credibility left. Zero. Nada. Zip.

The only thing that pisses me off more than their hypocrisy is the fact that Obama started to backtrack once the "controversy" became plastered all over 24-7 news networks and the internets.

He was right the first time. The cops who arrested a man for being in his own home were stupid. Plain and simple.

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