Keep in mind, these are the followers of Glenn Beck's "9/12 Project." The idea is to "Unite us in the spirit of how we felt on 9/12." Which of course fits in nicely with how Beck constantly refers to Obama as a Marxist, Socialist, and Racist.

So you can imagine the UNITY that was fucking flowing out on the streets of Washington today. Bask in the glory...if you dare...

(images from mar is sea Y's Flickr account)

Oh Hilter mustache...is there anything you can't make adorable?

Having trouble reading what that says? Here, this might help...

I mean, can you feeeeeeeel the unity yet?

My favorite thing about this sign is how the guy blacked-out the s's in "asshole." Cause showing Obama and Hitler being BFF's is classy, but the word asshole makes it obscene!!!

Worst. Acronym. Ever.

These fuckers realize that the economy has been shit for a lot longer than seven months...right?!

I dunno how she did it, but she managed to put EXACTLY what I was thinking on the morning of 9/12 up on her poster. Amazing.

How...do...you even...compromise...with...these kind...of people?!

Folks, these were taken from one single Flickr account. I imagine I'll be posting a lot more about this soon. It's just eye-opening to see these people gather up and think that people are going to take them seriously.

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