All right, where did I leave off? Ah yes, Saturday...the morning started off with SUPERMAN RETURNS and walking around the con and whatnot, but then at 5 O'Clock I headed over to where the TENACIOUS D concert was going to be. They weren't going to play until 6:45, but I figured the line might start getting long around 5ish, so I'd go check it out.

IT WAS INSANE!!! Out the doors, down like a block, cornered off in a different direction, down about another block to where this guy was holding a megaphone shouting "THIS IS THE END OF THE LINE!!!"

I was like, no way all these people are waiting for the Tenacious D show?! Turns out, at 5:15 the KING KONG panel started and "The D" would follow that. So I sat through the King Kong panel which consisted of Adrian Brody, Naomi Watts, and Jack Black. It was kinda sad, because here you have two amazing talented actors and 90% of the people in there are ONLY wanting to see Jack Black. People were asking Tenacious D questions the whole panel and fucking up Adrian Brody's name and refering to Naomi Watts as "I've never seen your movies, but you're fucking hot!"

In fact there's a great clip of Adrian acting like he's pissed off about all the "D" questions and flips out over at www.ifilm.com

Then, they finish up and an annoucer starts laying down the rules for the Tenacious D show..."No cameras of any kind, no recorders of any kind! We have special technology to detect if you're using such equiptment and will take it away from you if you are caught! Also, stay seated...DO NOT RUSH THE STAGE!"

Kevin Smith comes out to introduce the band and says how there are only, ONLY 9 dicks in the world he would suck. There used to be 10, but he finished off Affleck on the set of their last movie. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you #5 and #6!!!"

KG and Jack Black walk out on stage and KG drops his pants right and gives Kevin a "Well..." look! Kevin is totally taken off guard and rushes off stage! Jack Black mentions how gay the annoucer was. "Fucking record whatever you want...and no one, NO ONE has ever rushed the stage at a Tenacious D show, but thanks for looking out for us, I guess..."

They played new songs from their upcoming film, ("Which I'm going to go ahead and say is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE!" Says Jack Black, "And that's no bias just because I'm in it...") and old songs like Wonderboy and Fuck Her Gently."

It was a great show and I must say, the BEST free concert I ever saw. Jack Black even mentioned that in between songs...

"So, New Line wanted us to show up here at Comicon and play some songs to promote the film. And I go, well, how much does it cost to get into this 'comicon?' $15 bucks?!"
"No Jack, it costs $35."
"That's for all four days though, right?!"
"No Jack, that's just one day..."
"Holy shit, $35?! We have to put on a $35 show?!"
"No Jack, see that gets them into ALL of comicon, so it's a deal."
"Fuck that...we got a lot of fans just coming to see US play...I guess we'll put on a $35 dollar show..."

And they did. They were very funny, very enthusiastic and played for over an hour!

After that, Daniel, Hector and I headed towards the Beehive Bar which was all the way over at 14th and C...about a mile from the convention center! Jim Mahfood (www.40ozcomics.com) and Scott Morse (www.scottmorse.com) were doing Live Mural Art there and it's a blast to watch them paint as you get shitfaced drunk. They painted on wood, cardboard, even records! Hector even joined them as did some of Scott's friends from PIXAR..

From there, I decided it would be a good idea to head back to the Hyatt and try and meet up with Kelly Sue and Jamie Rich again...again, another mile away. I wandered a few blocks, found a really funny bumper sticker and realized that I might get be a lil' too drunk to walk the whole way...

So, what would any drunken lazy ass do in a situation like this?! Get a ride on one of those stupid bike-taxi things?! You BETCHA! But here's the thing...I was down to $10. So I asked the guy how much it would be to get to the Hyatt?! He says, "Oh...uh about $20!" So I tell him to take me halfway. Wheeeeee, they might look fucking ridiculous, but it was kinda fun!

So that's about it.

Oh, well...I guess there is one lil' detail I forgot to mention. I kinda ran into Hal Sparks (Best Week Ever, Queer As Folk) on the street corner, but you don't want to hear about that...

Here's the remaining photos that I forgot to work into the post earlier...

Gorillaz figures...if anyone has $150 just laying around and wants to buy me these, I'll love you long time!

Jon took me to IKEA to buy home furinshing shit and we came across these two-packs of animals...that...were..in odd positions...

If it wasn't bad enough that PIXAR is using this fucker in their next movie, this thing will be in EVERY Wal-Mart come Christmas...yes, a talking Larry The Cable Guy doll.

Funniest shirt at the con had to be this one..."Everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten."

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