Taking a lil' break from working on my comic tonight, I enjoyed some mighty fine TV.

First up, THE SIMPSONS. I missed most of this season because Molly wants to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition and I always forget to tape it. So this Summer has been filled with episodes that are new to me! Tonight's one was the "Fat Bart" episode and I had heard about how great it was. It was classic Simpsons! More often than not they've been going the "Family Guy--Let's Dumb Everything Down" route lately, but tonight's reminded me why I love this show so much. (Not to mention I fucking grew up with the damn thing. What is this? The 15th season?!)

Next was a terrific SIX FEET UNDER. I swear this show is getting better each week. They're taking their time which is amazing because they only have like a handful of episodes left...but I'm sooooo sucked in right now. I won't spoil anything because I know a couple of people who read this aren't up to date with the current season yet. But David's death tonight was a HUGE shocker! I mean, who saw that one coming?!

...just kidding, dumbasses.

No, it's just a great show and even though it deals with people at their very worst some times, I just enjoy the hell out of it. I'm glad they're going out on a high note and not dragging it on and on until Claire is going through Menopause.

Also, on a side note, I want to personally thank Conan for bringing back the WALKER, TEXAS RANGER clips. You can't EVER have enough of those fuckers. I can't wait until you replace that hack Leno and bring some justice to this world.

Oh, and American News Media, it's called a HURRICANE. They happen every fucking year and each time you act like this is THE ONE and devote 24-7 coverage to them. Although, I do understand. That White Girl missing in Aruba is kinda "last week" and there's no celebrities on trial, plus that bombing in London happend like TWO WHOLE DAYS ago, so what else would you possibly cover?!

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cml said...

why must you always pick on the Family Guy? why?