Anyone else miss the way Jeff used to take the results and head off jetskiing onto a boat then into a helicopter which he parachutes out of and lands on a motorcycle then jumps that off a cliff while on fire and crashes into the TV Studio live for the finale?!

All within three mintues and yet, at the same time, three months pass?!

I do.

This whole helicopter landing on the roof shit is lame. I want my reality TV "IN MY FACE" and "CRANKED UP A NOTCH!"

So next year Jeff, don't be a pussy and swim the results to us off the island...with a tiger on your back. Bitch.


Jason Arnett said...

And THAT'S why I don't watch reality TV. It's not REAL enough!


Raychul said...

I can't believe scary-stomach-Dani won! Stephani so deserved it! But damn, wasn't Dani a little hottie once she got all cleaned up?!

Travis said...

Hey! It's an old E3 Winner buddy ol' pal!

Yes...she cleaned up very nicely. AND put some meat back on them bones. She got extremely skinny on the island. But I suppose I would too. "What's that? We're going to eat the remains of a tree squirrel?! Nah, I'll just stick to the rice, thanks."

You remember how little I ate while at the Playstation Annoucement. Thank god for those little wiennies. Oh...wait...that...nevermind.