First off, all my SURVIVOR brothers and sisters, can we please agree that JUDD is the biggest babyhead of all time?! I'm sooooo glad there's only one episode left so I don't have to watch his "but but...I never lied to anyone" lameness on the jury any longer. You know he's writing down the "final remarks" speech that's going to make Susan's "I'm batshit crazy" speech look tame. And by "he's writing" I of course mean, "CBS Producers." C'mon, that show is more scripted than The West Wing.

Next up, can we quit with the "LAST NEW EPISIODE UNTIL MID JANUARY" bullshit?! It's 2005, there's no need for reruns. If I miss an episode, I'll buy your overpriced DVD collection, thank you very much. (Or off of iTunes...now with The Office!!!) Now quit teasing me and show me TWO NEW EPISODES BACK TO BACK for a damn change! Say what you will about 24, but I love the fact that they hold off on their season UNTIL January and then show all 24 episodes back to back. THAT'S what I'm talking about. I love LOST, but making me wait 6 fucking weeks in between episodes is just cruel. And don't even get Molly started on PRISON BREAK. Off until MARCH?! Who at FOX thought that was a good idea?!

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to NBC, who is giving two of it's best shows (MY NAME IS EARL & THE OFFICE) a new Thursday night timeslot. Guess what, no one is going to miss JOEY. And that's because no one even knows it's still on in the first place.

A big "FUCK YOU" goes out to FOX for canceling ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Yes, this is old news, but I'm still pissed about it. If ABC finds a way to keep FREDDIE on the air, surely FOX can suck it up and realize that smart TV will always have a place on...um...TV. C'mon, you fucking brought back FAMILY GUY, since when do you know anything about good comedy?! (I can sense the daggers coming closer...and yet I still love you all. Even if you're dead wrong. :)

I'll leave you with this. Who in their right minds thought The Office would be this good? C'mon, admit it, when you read America was going to take a shot at it, you instantly thought "Oooooh, another Coupling?!" But you were wrong! We all were wrong! They deserve the best timeslot on TV. With AD dead, it's our only hope of intelligent comedy on TV. Plus you have to love the online extra cool stuff like Holiday Ecards and all the photos (most anyway) taken from the Christmas Party episode. http://www.nbc.com/The_Office/


Jason Arnett said...

Well, after being abused by you for not watching 24 last season, I'm planning on giving network tv another try. Once we got HBO, we just decided that we loved not having to put up with interminable commercials hyping the holiday shopping season and the fact that most shows are now on demand, as well as movies has added another reason to not watch network tv.

So, there you go. I didn't watch 24 last year because I couldn't spend the two nights in a row there. This year might be better, since Sopranos doesn't start until later, and I'm sure Deadwood won't be coming back until March. But network? eh. I'll pass mostly.

Travis said...

You are missing out, my friend. LOST gives cable a run for it's money with the writing and "anyone can die" mentality.

24 Season Four DVD comes out tuesday. Go rent it and tell me how right I was for abusing you for not watching it. Wait...that sounds bad...