If I was a decent comic book professional, I might have mentioned this sooner...but since I'm a lousy hack, you're getting barely 12 hours notice...


"What the fuck is that?" you might be asking yourself. Well, it's the one day of the year where you can walk into a comic book store (if you can even find one...good luck) and walk out with free comics! And not just shit comics either, there are some amazing things to check out:

Archie Comics 65th Anniversary Bash
Bongo Comics Free- For -All!
Star Wars/Conan Flip-Book
Justice League Unlimited # 1
GI Joe Sigma 6 #1
Disney Comics Presents: Donald Duck
The Transformers/Beast Wars Special
Future Shock
Tokyopop Sneak

The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom!
Arcana Studio Presents # 3
Worlds of Aspen # 1
Jack the Latern 1942
Soulsearchers & Company/ Deadbeats Flip Book
Comic Genesis: Generations 2006
Mr. Jean
Funny Book # 2
Impact University Volume 2
Liberty Girl # 0
Keenspot Spotlight 2006
Bluff & Tales from a Forgotten Planet
Free Scott Pilgrim
Owly: Breakin’ the Ice
Amelia Rules!
Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule # 1
Viper Comics Presents: Dead @ 17 & More
Wizard Presents: The Top 100 Trade Paperbacks of All Time

I would say that FREE SCOTT PILGRIM would be the place to start, but what the hell, just grab them all. (Especially if you're a lovely lady...you could get away with murder inside a comic shop!)

Anyway, if you're in the KC area, I'll be at Elite Comics a lil' after 4pm. However, I love how they fucked it up on the website. Maybe I SHOULD call it Foxxy Moron, eh?!

Elite Comics
11842 Quivira Road
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone# 913-345-9910

Tony Moore- artist, Exterminators, Walking Dead, Fear Agent.
Rudy Garcia- Diamond select sculptor
Julia Cruz - artist, Evolution Cop.
B. Clay Moore- writer Hawiian Dick, Battle Hymn, Leading Man
Seth Peck -writer '76, The Boxer
Ed Lavalee- writer Revere
Grant Smith- artist Revere
Steve Daniels- artist/writer Frostbite The Snowman
John Schuler- artist Super Bill and Buster, What Animals Think, Blood and Dust
Travis Fox- artist/writer Foxxy Moron
501st Star Wars costumed characters
All guest will be signing and sketching there will also be a raffle for a page of original art from THE WALKING DEAD!

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Jason Arnett said...

Sorry I didn't see you today, but I bought a couple of FMs from Elite and saw Clay, Nitz and Parks there.

Was it fun?