NEW MUSIC 5.9.06

Being sick last Tuesday, this one will cover PLENTY of ground...so bare with me...

No, the entire thing isn't out yet, but BEST BUY has the single, NOT READY TO MAKE NICE and EVERYBODY KNOWS for $1.99. Both songs are amazing and me thinks this might be one of my favorite albums of the year...


Seriously, I think I've talked about this one enough. If you haven't listened to it yet, what the hell are you waiting for?! But go buy the record too! C'mon you cheapskate...support local record stores!!! (especially since places like BEST BUY ain't carrying it?!)

TOOL * 10,000 DAYS

Man, I was truly disapointed in this album. You know why Vicarious was the single? Cause it was THE ONLY FUCKING SONG ON THE GOD DAMN ALBUM!!! Okay, that's not entirely true...there's about four or five, but that's about it. Here's what I don't need: Three minutes of silence or crazy noises before you eventually get to the actual song part...on HALF the record?! There's not enough acid in the world to make me enjoy this album...which really sucks because I like TOOL, but they're just not even trying any longer. (the break up is right around the corner...mark my words!)

The only cool thing about the album (and the only reason I'd tell you to buy it...used) is the actual album packaging. Not enough bands use their creative sides when it comes to releasing the actual package. I'm so tired of the plastic cases and lyrics or photos inside. Luckily, TOOL outdid themselves with this one. It comes with these 3D lenses and all of these fucked up photos and drawings that really pop off the pages. It's worth checking out if your record shop has an open copy lying around. (And trust me, they WILL.)


Say what you will, but this album is top notch. I'll be one of the first to admit that their previous records were heading in a "lost their focus" direction, but here...they're right back on track. The energy, the fierce, raw emotion that they bring to the table...it's unmatched since VS. Go read the reviews on amazon.com, they're all glowing, positive reviews from people who had walked away for one reason or another and came back to find a band at the top of it's game. I was so skeptical about this record and man, they just out-did themselves. (except on that cover...who thought up THAT shit?!)

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Rob Schamberger said...

I'm so glad I burned off my copy of the Tool album from a friend. Good god, I wanted to shoot myself after listening to that depressing ass thing.

And I listen to country!