Wow...this is just a rumor...but a damn fine one at that!!!

Online conspiracy theorists suggest that Apple is about to frag the gaming community with a revelation that could shake Microsoft to its core: Apple will buy Nintendo. What could be more quintessentially left-field Apple behaviour than buying out the US's number three games console manufacturer?

Between howling at the moon, these looneys point to the similar corporate philosophies of Apple and Nintendo (bull-headed determination in the face of defeat); the similar consumer perception of the companies (both have followings whose brand dedication verges on the religiously devout); the similar design styles (the Nintendo DS Lite practically looks like Jonathan Ive built it); and the complementary market spaces (Apple wants games, Nintendo wants style). But somewhere in the looney's mind, is there a scintilla of logic? A tiny fragment of truth spluttering for breath in the soup of madness? Could Apple actually buy Nintendo, and more importantly, why would it want to?


Consider this: the Mac Mini currently retails for not much more than the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 3 will. The Mac Mini can play high-definition video, edit music and photographs, surf the Web, word process and edit video -- things no console can currently do well, if at all. The Mini also runs Apple's extremely robust OS X operating system. What if the Mini could also play Nintendo games? And not just play Nintendo games, but play Nintendo games specifically tailored to the strengths of the Mac Mini's hardware? Would Apple have a viable console on its hands? And if so, could it penetrate the mainstream consumer market with Macintosh computers in a way that has constantly eluded it in the past?

The newsgroups are constantly awash with the dregs of idle wondering, but the Apple and Nintendo partnership is one rumour we can't help hoping is true. The Pippin was the company's biggest disgrace -- how delightful if Apple were to get Mario to redeem its games strategy a full decade on.



Ed said...

That would kill basically all competition to Nintendo, infact maybe the good ol` Ninty is already formulating up a strategy.

Anonymous said...

microsoft owns about 25% of apple, they need the competition so that the government doesn't break it up. although this would be very cool/.