I'll be blogging all week long about this bullshit Federal Marriage Ammendment that has ZERO CHANCE of passing and is simply a fucking wedge issue to rally the Religous Right and Conservatives from tearing the President apart over his immigration stand.

...buuuuuuuuuuut right now I'd like to share with you a lil' transcript of my conversation with Missouri Senator Kit Bond's office about ten minutes ago.

ME: Yeah, I was just wondering how the Senator was going to be voting on the upcoming Federal Marriage Ammendment?

You know, the one that bans gay marriage.
The Senator has traditionally felt that marrige should be defined between one man and one woman.

So he's going to vote for the Constitutional Ammendment to keep homosexuals from being able to marry?
I don't see why he wouldn't.

Is he voting that way because he believes that homosexuals being able to marry one another would be an attack on the sacred, SACRED institution of marriage?
Correct. Traditionally he's viewed that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

And that marriage is a SACRED institution?

Well, how exactly does the Senator reconcile that with the fact that he divorced his first wife back in 1995?

I mean, since it's sacred and all...
Well, I see you're calling from Kansas so have a nice day. *CLICK!*

Yep. Hung up on me cause I was calling from Kansas. I live in Missouri and work in Kansas. Don't think I won't be calling back on my day off. I want to hear them try and explain that to me. (Even though there's no way they can. He's a bloody hypocrite.)

Do YOU have a Senator who's either divorced (Assistant Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Sen. John Warner (Va.), Sen. Kit Bond (Mo.), Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Colo.), Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas) and Sen. John McCain (Ariz.)) or even worse...SINGLE (Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Susan Collins (Maine))?!

Give them a call and tell them that if they stay the fuck out of OUR private lives, we'll stay the fuck out of theirs.

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