...oh, and total douchebag. Check out this clip over at ThinkProgress.org. He holds up a sign that "Hannah," who he swears he JUST MET (even though he has photos and giant fucking drawings she did over a year ago) has made to remind us all of the horror of killing stem cells for research.

Talking about the embryos, he asks, "Are you going to kill me?!"

...nevermind that only 10% of the embryos he's talking about (the ones discussed in H.R. 810) are adopted. The rest...wait for it...are destroyed.

It's shit like this that infurrrrrrrrrrrates me. People are dying all around us. PEOPLE. Who have been LIVING for years. But fuck them, it's the poor embryos that need the saving. Or at least tossed in the trash WITHOUT some liberal scientist poking it with needles and shit...

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