The funniest and oddest thing you'll see all day long. (I wonder how much of this was scripted...clearly the idea of getting Borat and Martha Stewart near a bed was genius!)


Anonymous said...

I found it neither funny nor odd. I found it disgusting.

What passes for comedy today is a disgrace - I am profoundly dismayed by the media and public apparently awarding rock star status to a racist, sexist pervert like Borat. Saying it's comedy is no excuse.

I'm surprised that Martha Stewart allowed herself on the same stage with that human waste of air space. I'm disappointed in Jay Leno that he would sit beside a man out of whose mouth pours pure filth toward Jews and woman, and the citizens of the country he portrays himself to be from.

How the media - and subsequently the public - can seem so delighted by such a piece of garbage, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment. I saw the Jay Leno show (not just this clip) and was disgusted by Borat, too. Denigrating women, Jews and Kazakhstanians is not funny. His shtick is appalling.