Only read on if you've actually seen the episode, dumbass...

Wow. I've been reading a TON of message boards last night and into today and it seems like a lot of people felt "let down" by last night's episode (and the mini-six-episode-season altogeher?!) Some people felt as if the show was getting "soap operaish" with the love and emotion it was bringing into last night's storyline. Others thought that not enough questions were answered and the "clifhanger" wasn't very exciting...

All I want to ask is: What do you people WANT from a TV show?!

Ask Molly, the last four minutes of LOST last night had me on the edge of my seat. I literally sat up and hunched forward. The way Jack totally turned everything around and seemed to be in control of The Others for the first time...since...um...ever, was fantabulous!!!

The tension was at an all-time high as The Others pulled Sawyer out of his cage and forced Kate to watch him be executed.

Only to be called over the walkie talkie that Jack had "Their Leader" under the knife and if they didn't let Kate and Sawyer go, Ben (Henry) would bleed to death.

I'm telling you, it was something else. And I've read some interesting theories as to why Kate refused to run away the (numerous) times she actually could have. Perhaps it was something that Ben told her as they had their "on the beach breakfast" (in which they alluded that something had happened or was told to her, but we never saw.) Or perhaps, it was Alex's (the French Woman's daughter) screaming out, "They're going to kill your boyfriend." Sure, Kate and Sawyer totally got it on (in the bear cage nonetheless, eeeeew) but perhaps Kate's real love is Jack? She desperately seemed like she didn't want to leave at the end, and the episode ended with Jack yelling at her to "RUN!!!"

Was it simply because Sawyer had told her that they were on another island, different from the one they had crashed upon?! Or are there more sinister things beneath the surface? Before heading off to kill Sawyer, one of The Others mentioned that "Shepherd isn't even on Jacob's list." Who the hell is JACOB?! The only Other we knew of that had "a list" was Ethan and he died way back in the first season! Is there another "Other" among The Survivors on the beach?! Hmmmm...

All in all, I'm actually happy that they've rulled against reruns and (although Feburary is a looooooong ways away) I'll enjoy seeing all 16 remaining episodes back to back!

...besides, with the release of McFarlane's LOST Figures coming in the next couple of weeks, you can totally just create your own episodes!!!

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