To make sure it's the finest show on network television...ever!!!

Jeremy Davies!!!

Jeremy impressed me in Saving Private Ryan, Solaris, and just recently Rescue Dawn. I cannot wait to see who he plays on an island already filled with interesting and unique characters.

Lance Reddick!!!

Best known from his roles on The Wire and Oz, Lance is a fierce actor who can carry entire scenes with his eyes alone.

Ken Leung!!!

Ken was in the sub-par X-Men III, but also brilliantly played the role of Uncle Junior's nuthouse friend during The Sopranos final season.

Jeff Fahey!!!

Beisdes being in The Lawnmower Man, Jeff recently turned in an interesting role in Grindhouse. Let's hope he keeps the awesome beard!

Man, look at those fantastic actors that are going to be joining an already fantastic cast! Is it February yet?!

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Ryanetics said...

WOW I am so pumped! I just finished watching season 2 of The Wire and Priscilla and I kept saying that Lance Reddick would be great on Lost. Weird!