Can't he just be President yet?!


Ryanetics said...

I do like Obama, don't get me wrong, but I really feel like Edwards is the man for the job. I would be fine with either one (or preferably both) but I just don't want it to be Hillary. Please no Hillary.

Travis said...

I can't seem to get past Edwards and his "eeeeew, Gay Marriage" stance. I mean, talk about "Two Americas?!" Sure, none of the other candidates (that aren't polling in the 3-8% range) are coming out and saying, "Gay Marriage is awesome!" but at least they don't pretend it's wrong or icky.

It'll be interesting to see what happens (God help him) when his wife's Cancer takes her life. I know I'm probably just Mr. Anti-Optimism when it comes to that disease, but when it spreads to the bone, it's bad bad bad. I think, if anything, it's nice to see her spreading the word about what she feels is right. Maybe it'll help focus him on the things that really matter.

I like Edwards much more than Hillary, and I think he's a decent guy, (sure, being from the South is a nice touch) but he doesn't have this "aura" around him like Obama. I look at Obama and think, "He's going to make this country amazing again!" I look at Edwards and think, "Did your parents drop you off at the mall again?!"