You can watch the first one here.

And check out Damon Lindelof's opinion piece about the WGA going on strike in The New York Times today.


Jamie S. Rich said...

You don't find it a little wrong that these things are going online now, when they are at the heart of the very issue that the strike is about?

It seems to me the Lost fans should, instead of watching these things, e-mail ABC and tell them you're refusing to watch them until they decide to pay the people involved what is fair for this content. They'll notice if no one watches, but if these are a hit, then they can be used as leverage to say the public doesn't care.

Travis said...

Well, either watch it on ABC.com or find it on youtube...either way, it's going to get out there and people are going to see it.

Originally they were going to be "mobile-sodes" for Verizon phone customers, but that idea got canceled and they decided to "air" these 13 webisodes leading into the Fourth Season in 2008.

I'm all for writing the studios, (even done so myself) but trust me, they're already feeling the sting of the WGA going on strike. Have you seen the ratings for late-night programing?!


It's gotten so bad that NBC is thinking of hiring non WGA writers and going with guest-hosts because Leno refuses to cross the picket lines.

The thing that sucks, which Lindelof points out in his opinion piece, is that the audience is on the WGA's side...for now. Two, three months of missing their favorite shows and who knows what will happen.

Maybe if the strike goes on long enough, the writers can just turn to comics to release new seasons! (ala Buffy