Holy shit, I'm old. I used to looooooove the Halloween Simpson shows when I was a kid! Say what you will about The Simpsons later seasons, the Treehouse episodes are always fun. I was lucky enought to catch the beginning of this one out at San Diego's Comicon and if you only tune in for the first three minutes, you'll already get your money's worth! (yeah it's free, but still...)

Here's a hint: They manage to make fun of the fact that "remember when these used to air BEFORE Halloween?!" AND those pesky animated advertisements for OTHER shows that crawl all over your television screen as you're trying to watch THIS show AND kill the Dad from Family Guy all in under three minutes. It's fan-fuckin-tasic!

And don't forget that Brian Williams is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight! Anyone who has ever caught him on The Daily Show knows how incredibly funny and dry this man is. An added bonus is that Feist performs as musical guest! Yay!

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