People often ask me, "Travis, why do you hate Jesus?!" Okay, not often, but the general consensus is that I hate God and drink goat blood because I don't go to church and don't subscribe to the theory that Christianity can solve every single problem on the face of the Earth.

I sometimes but heads with my Father-In-Law over exactly what the term "Separation of church and state" really means, but I think we both realize the dangers of what happens when laws are based strictly off religious views. Sure, go ahead and tell me, "But we can't kill people! That's in the Bible!" and I'd tell you that you're correct. But people always point to the Ten Commandments whenever they want to discuss how "We base our laws off the Bible," and I think it speaks volumes that out of the TEN, only TWO are actual laws. (Let's hope no one makes "coveting" against the law...or we're all in deep shit!)

But anyway, if there was any doubt that religion and the way in which we govern need to be kept separated for the common good, it's this case of 54 year old British teacher who is going to go to prison and then going to be deported over...wait for it...NAMING A TEDDY BEAR MOHAMMED!!!

And before you just start up with the "Oh, but those are just the wacky Muslums!" keep in mind that to those of us who step back and look at all the religions with a sense of "Hmmmmm" don't see much difference between not being able to call a teddy bear Mohammed and the fact that one of our Presidental candidates believes the Earth might only be 6,000 years old.

Sure, Mike Huckabee isn't going to demand those who think differently to be imprisoned, but that doesn't make the idea any less scary.

Let's save the crazy religious ideals for people to live their own lives and nice sensible laws for the rest of us.

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