Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. I imagine as the election gets closer, I'll have more venom to spew. But for now, let's focus on the positives, eh?

Like CANCER! YAY!!!!

It's a sad state of affairs when my friends are raising money for breast cancer for the team my wife and I created in honor of my Mother before I get off my lazy ass and do it myself. Sigh. Thanks Colleen. As if I needed another reason to feel inferior to you. (Colleen runs 35 mile marathons as if they were a walk in the park. And, in a way, they are...but with more jogging, snakes, spiders, and hippies than you're probably used to!)

So, if you'd like to witness her lap her husband Erik, Molly, me, my brother Kelly, his gal Erin, Molly's sister Meg, her husband Matt, and the rest of Cuck Fancer (clever name, eh?!) come on down to Union Station this Sunday at 7:30am. Yes, AM. Fuck me, I'm going to be sore come 8:15...

But if you don't live here in Kansas City, (and shame on you if you don't) but still want to help out, we'll totally take your hard earned cash here and spend it on alcohol...er..."Breast Cancer research."

Seriously, it's a good cause and we would deeply appreciate anything you could spare. The amount of progress they've made in the past decade with fighting breast cancer is remarkable. Let's hope within another decade it's about as scary as the idea of me wearing a headband and leg warmers, getting all sweaty and out of breath before 8 in the morning.

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Cynical Mud Babe said...

I really do hope to god you are going to be wearing leg warmers tomorrow.. that would totally make my week!