I swear to God, someone better get this woman a sitcom!!!


elBryan said...

Democrats didn't believe anything the McCain campaign said during the election, but now, when they're blaming one another for losing the election, whatever they say about Palin in desperation must be true..?

I know Palin is incredibly unpopular on the left, but let's be honest, Democrats think that ALL conservatives are stupid.. They aren't part of the "enlightened" University crowd.. This tactic was employed against Bush as well.. Biden has said tons of stupid things, and Obama has said a number of offensive things, but I don't believe either of them are stupid or racist..

Travis said...

Okay, first of all, it's not simply "the left" who finds Sarah Palin incredibly unpopular. The "Independents" overwhelmingly rejected her as well. Not to mention plenty of old school conservatives like George Will and Charles Krauthammer.

Secondly, I've never said ALL Republicans are stupid. It's that type of giant, sweeping allegation that attempts to side-step the real argument.

Which is that SARAH PALIN is stupid.

I didn't go to a University, Bryan. All I have is a High School diploma. So that right there disproves your petty attack. Never been to a "cocktail party" either, or considered myself "elite." So go ahead and cross those off your list as well.

And yes, Joe Biden has a long history of saying stupid things. Obama has made gaffes as well. But both of them are able to offer either 20 years of foreign policy credentials, the ability to say they were against invading Iraq back when that wasn't a popular thing to do, the composure to not let 20 months of negative attacks and false accusations of being a "Pal to terrorists" or a "Marxist and Socialist" get under your skin.

What does Sarah Palin have to fall back on after not realizing Africa was a continent?

Lipstick? Hockey Mom? A wink and a smile?

Oh, right, she was a MAVERICK! She fought corruption in Alaska! A state that just RE-ELECTED a fucking felon!!! What a amazing job she did, cleaning up that cesspool.

But wait, she paved the way for that 40 billion dollar natural gas pipeline, right?! The one hasn't even BEGUN construction yet?! D'oh.

She opposed the "Bridge to Nowhere" once people made a stink about it and it became a national punchline.

You know the one thing she DID do, and I actually support? She gave about $1,200 back to Alaskans.

But you know how she did that, Bryan? But instituting a windfall profits tax on the oil companies!


Gasp! Somebody call Joe The Plumber!!!

AS far as not believing the McCain campaign, that's fine. You're right, maybe some of these allegations are false, in an attempt to make her the scapegoat. (Which in reality, only makes the McCain campaign look worse, since THEY picked her in the first place!) But it's not MSNBC reporting them...it's FOX! The ones that are supposedly in the tank for conservatives. And if there's one thing about FOX, it's that they always check their sources before reporting the facts.

Besides, this latest round of Sarah Palin Follies doesn't diminish the fact that she didn't know the role of the Vice President on four different occasions, couldn't name a single newspaper or magazine she reads, and got pranked for SIX FULL MINUTES by a Canadian comedy duo acting as if they were the President of France.

If that's not stupid, I don't know what is.

...and you don't even want to get me started on Bush...

elBryan said...

You didn't have to go to a university to have the elitest attitude that people from Alaska are stupid..