...er, types.

Shockingly, it seems everything we've been lead to believe about the man might not be as black & white as it once seemed. Sure, what he did back in the 60's gives anyone a reason to pause...but the way the media and both Hillary and McCain's campaigns turned him into the Ultimate Boogeyman, was absurd.


elBryan said...

Thanks Travis.. That's all we asked, bud.. He and Obama DID pal around after all, but it's cool because William Ayers is AWESOME.. The last time we had a President that secretive the Democrats compared him to Hitler for eight years..

Maybe next time the Democrats want to whine about negative campaigning they should ask the media to do their jobs by asking questions so that Obama's opponent doesn't have to..

Travis said...

Bryan, where do I even start?!

Who the fuck said anything about William Ayers being "AWESOME?!" When the fuck did Obama act like he didn't serve on an education board together?! Where in this article I linked to does it say that they "DID pal around after all?!"

Did you even bother to read the damn thing, or were you too busy hyperventilating and slipping in another "Hitler" analogy?

The point of me posting this link is because it showed another side of a man who has been turned into a cartoon character. I figured people would read it and come away with a better understanding of where he's coming from and what he has to say about the last two years.

I mean, if he was such a monster and was this uber-terrorist, why isn't he sitting in a prison cell at this very hour? Why is he allowed to teach at a college? Much less roam the streets?!

And how long are you going to sit there and bitch about "the media"?! You seriously don't think Obama was questioned enough? He went through over 25 debates, ran for President for over 2 years straight, and gave countless interviews.

This, coming from someone who DEFENDS Sarah Palin?! It's almost laughable if it wasn't so sad.