Let's not forget that George W. Bush was President ON 9/11, not just somehow responsible after that date. And excuse me, but "keeping us safe" doesn't involve sitting in a classroom while kids read My Pet Goat for 6 1/2 minutes...

Keith Olbermann (back in September of 2007) lays out a nice collection of failures before and after 9/11, and how NO ONE was held responsible or accountable for being wrong and outright lying about the connections between Iraq and 9/11...in fact, most got promoted:

And don't even get me started on Katrina. Here's how badly the Bush Administration fucked up that disaster...watch this clip from Hannity & Colmes, on FOX NEWS, six days after the levees broke. You will see Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith pissed off and teary, begging people at home watching to do something! It's the saddest, most honest reporting done during the entire storm:

Listening to the President tonight, watching interviews over the past couple of weeks, it's almost like he thinks we've forgotten all of this shit. Well, sorry sir, we haven't. You're a disgrace to all of us and it's a damn shame you're given the time to attempt to pat yourself on the back.

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