In that I make comics for the local newspaper, which someone sees and cuts out to send to someone else, and that person does a blog post about it...

(cue Elton John's "Circle of Life")

It seems Terry and Oliver Holler are driving a DeLorean across all 50 states in hopes of raising money for Parkinson's research. A friend of theirs saw my Foxymoron strip dealing with me being sad that it's already 2009 and I still don't have a hoverboard and mailed it to them. Then they posted it on their blog, (and emailed me first to ask if it was okay, which was very sweet of them!) which totally made my day!

So if you got some extra cash and want to donate to their awesome cause, go right here! And c'mon, their name is TEAM FOX! How much cooler can any of this be?!

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