And it's POSITIVE?! I knew those $50's stapled to the inside cover would work to my benefit.

Here's a sample of the review:

Foxymoron is a mix of daily life observational humor and some of the angriest (and dead-on) political humor I've seen this side of The Daily Show. Most of these issues are pre-election, and so have an optimism to go with the anger that we were only going to have to deal with four years of this bullshit (I was just longing for those more optimistic days myself), but there's also a ton of anger aimed at the Iraq War, the pre-election apathy and all the rest of the Bush Administration crap that has become daily routine for us suffering moderates and liberals. Better yet, it's anger tempered with facts and a wicked sense of humor. Because these strips are older, a lot of the points that Fox is making have been made elsewhere, and there are occasions where it feels like the easy joke, but it's not hard to appreciate arguing with someone who can only respond with bumper sticker slogans or the hypocrisy and assumptions that drive so many involved in the "culture war."


cml said...

kick ass!

the_elbryan said...

Hey Travis-

I wanted to talk to you about the comic books that Kyle Richards and I will be releasing October 7 at Momo Gallery..

Email me at punkrockarteest@hotmail.com..

Jamie S. Rich said...

But can you score me any good Viagra?