I (heart) CARTOONS.

Especially this one. I say I love it but in reality, Molly was the first one to watch it and Lex enjoys the hell out of it and I was the LAST ONE to be sucked into it's magical spell. It's smart, funny, and was created by Craig McCracken...the same guy who created Powerpuff Girls! He has an amazing sense of design that really makes or breaks a cartoon. I don't care how funny Spongebob might be...I can't get past the hideous design.

Anyway, feel free to check out the link. It's a really cute show about a boy named Mac and all the Immaginary Friends that live in the house. You can even get yourself an immaginary friend on the website...if you're really, really bored. But they have a couple of cute clips and games on there that you can totally check out while at work...or so I've been told.

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