I've been listening to some damn fine albums lately. For starters, THE ROLLING STONES BIGGER BANG is waaaay better than it should've been. Track for track it's amazingly strong and proves that even though you're 107 years old, you're never too old to shake your ya-yas.

DAVID GRAY LIFE IN SLOW MOTION is also very, very, very good. A great album to listen to while driving around the town at night with the windows down and the junebugs slamming into your teeth. Seriously, don't these bugs have a calendar?! It's September, dumbasses!!!

Upcoming releases that look promising include the new (one of like three he's going to release this year) one from RYAN ADAMS. So far,I've just heard the single "The Hardest Part" off of iTunes, but it's old country-rockibilly and Travis likey that very much.

NEIL YOUNG PRAIRIE WIND is shaping up to be one of his best. I love the fact that these legends are continuing to make the best music of their careers in this stage in their life. Gives me hope that I could keep making great art well into my elder years. Yeah, I just compared myself to musical greats...shut it.

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