If you missed EXTRAS last night, you offically suck. Okay, maybe some of you don't have HBO, maybe some of you don't like British People, and maaaaaaybe some of you just don't like to laugh your ass off. But seriously, don't make me hate you. WATCH THIS SHOW! (Go visit the website and watch some clips if you're bored at work)

And I think I love the fact that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is on Mondays now. At first, I was like, "But...but I like it on Sunday." But now I know better. It's a better slot on Monday evenings and let's hope America catches on...dumbasses.


Jamie S. Rich said...

EXTRAS gets funnier as it goes. I am not sure if they are airing them in order over here, but you're in for a treat when Kate Winslet makes her cameo.

Travis said...

Yep...that was the first episode here in the States.

Damn you and your BBC connections...