I'm sure many of you by now have read the reports that Neil Young recorded an anti-war, anti-Bush Administration album in about a week's span. Well, it's started to turn into a "Don't you worry about being unpatriotic?" shitstorm or the greatest, "Are you just doing this to cash in?!" The mother fucker has made music for over 40 years! Yes, this album is all about jumping on the latest trend and hoping to get his video played on TRL next week. What a silly notion. I know Bob Dylan is currently laying down tracks for an upcoming album, I imagine it'll have a few anti-war songs on it as well. "Bob Dylan, why do you hate America?!" I love the current state we're in.

Anyway, feel free to watch the clip above (for as long as it lasts...youtube.com takes clips down ASAP) and watch the woman reporter ask tough and thought-provoking questions like:

"There's a song on the album called 'Let's Impeach The President?!' what exactly is that about?"

Also, feel free to keep up to date with all the latest news on the album here. Some of it is odd though, like Neil's interview with the New York Times saying that he was waiting for some younger singer-songwriter to come out with a record like this, but eventually gave up. True, no one (that I can name off-hand) dedicated an entire record to the Iraq War or Bush Administration, but BRIGHT EYES has certainly stepped up into the shoes of Dylan and Neil from back in the day. Hell, he even performed "When The President Talks To God" on Leno once!!!

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