This show is at the top of it's game. The entire 10th season has been amazing. If you've given up on this show (or never really watched it) you're truly missing out on some of the most hard-hitting satire since Mark Twain.

Take the last two episodes for example. Now what got my attention (and got me all giddy) was the title "Cartoon Wars" and the idea that Cartman was going to go out to LA to put an end to Family Guy once and for all. I knew Matt & Trey absolutely hated that show (as do most cartoonists) but had no idea where it would go from there. I mean, could they just bash Family Guy for 30 minutes and keep it fresh and funny? The answer was no. They needed an entire hour, 2-part cliffhanger extravaganza to get their point across...and in the end, it was less about hating Family Guy as it was the entire state of "what is funny and what can't we make fun of."

The premise was that Family Guy was to show Muhammed and Fox censored it by tossing a black bar over him. This angered the "writers" of Family Guy and they vowed to do another episode with Muhammed and run it without censorship...to see if Fox had the balls to actually show him this time. Cartman figured that he could go to LA and stop Fox from airing the show, (acting like it really offended him) when in reality he knew that if he could get this episode pulled, every single week they could get another episode pulled because it had something else that offended people. Thus the end of Family Guy forever!!!

But what happened was once he got to LA, he found out that the "writers" of Family Guy are actually manatees that just randomly collect these balls with different words written on them. Like "Gary Coleman," "Ice Cream Truck," "Easter." Then in any given episode of Family Guy they'd be talking about what to have for dinner and Peter would go, "Dinner?! Hey remember that one time I had to drive a ice cream truck over to Gary Coleman's house for Easter?!" Cut to Gary Coleman eating ice cream with bunny ears on going, "What'cho talkin' bout Willis?!" It was so fucking spot-on to the way that show is written...but now, sadly, I have to like it because I adore manatees. They stole my heart the first time I went to Sea World...

Anyway, it became this joke within a joke about networks pulling episodes for "offending" people (remember Comedy Central pulling the Scientology episode hours before it aired?!) and even poked fun at themselves by having Kyle say, "Hey I like that Family Guy is just all about random jokes...at least it doesn't take itself all serious and beat you over the head with messages."

The best (and you only see him in a small clip) was the way they worked Bart Simpson into the episode as another kid who hated Family Guy. Him and Cartman are just hanging out in the Fox offices and Cartman asks him, "Why don't I talk to the President of Fox, I'm kind of a mean kid." To which Bart says, "Hey, I'm kind of mean too..."

"Oh yeah," says Cartman, "What's the worst thing you've ever done?!"
"I stole a head off a statue once." Answers Bart.
Cartman replies, "Reeeeeally?! Well I once killed this kid's parents and then ground them up into chili and made him eat it."
"Uh...you win."

Then later in the episode you see Bart hit someone upside their head with his skateboard and yell out, "Cowabunga Motherfucker!"

Seriously...you missed out.

Here's their version of Family Guy...SPOT ON!!

Here's the ending. Notice how Comedy Central wouldn't let them show Muhammed, but they COULD show Jesus taking a crap on George W. Bush?! That makes a whole lot of sense...

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