...you know, the ones where it couldn't have been Clinton's fault.

And listen, I'm not one of those people who think Clinton is a saint or isn't partly to blame for the events of 9-11. Hell, I think the blame goes all the way back to Reagan. I just cannot stand the way people spin the truth into some alternative account of what really happened. As if none of it was caught on video clips?! That's the beauty of this latest piece by Keith Olbermann is that he lets this Administration speak for themselves. Their inaction is put under the light for all to see.

So let Karl Rove and the Republican Party call anyone to the Left of them cowards. That we're soft of terror. Not up to the challenge of defending this great country. Because the truth is played out on ten little minutes above you.

If only someone else in the "mainstream liberal media" could attempt something even close to what Keith is doing on a nightly basis. But no, they're more concerned with being "balanced and even handed."

The problem is, you cannot give two sides of a fact.

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