NEW MUSIC 9.5.06

Basically a recap of what I've bought the past couple of weeks...


What can I say about this record that I haven't already gone on and on about? It's beautiful, it's powerful, it's delicate...it's everything I wanted it to be. Easily the best track on the whole thing is Spirit On The Water with lines like:

Spirit on the water
Darkness on the face of the deep
I keep thinking about you baby
I can't hardly sleep

I'm traveling by land
Traveling through the dawn of day
You're always on my mind
I can't stay away

I'd forgotten about you
Then you turned up again
I always knew
We were meant to be more than friends

When you're near
It's just as plain as it can be
I'm wild about you, gal
You ought to be a fool about me

And When The Deal Goes Down:

We eat and we drink, we feel and we think
Far down the street we stray
I laugh and I cry and I'm haunted by
Things I never meant nor wished to say
The midnight rain follows the train
We all wear the same thorny crown
Soul to soul, our shadows roll
And I'll be with you when the deal goes down


Their official description is spot on: "The band's reemergence finds them self-assured and assertive as ever. Rather than retread familiar artistic ground, Cursive has unfurled their most adventurous and accomplished work to date, Happy Hollow. Happy Hollow takes the scalpel to its small-town inhabitants and their stories, dredging up debates of intelligent design, blind devotion, homosexuality and patriotism--while calling out false virtue, righteous cant and sanctimonious liars --to create a literate, impassioned and empirical look at organized religion arranged as 14 hymns for heathens."


Look at this tracklisting:

1. Cape Cod Girls - Baby Gramps
2. Mingulay Boat Song - Richard Thompson
3. My Son John - John C. Reilly
4. Fire Down Below - Nick Cave
5. Turkish Revelry - Loudon Wainwright III
6. Bully In The Alley - The Old Prunes
7. The Cruel Ship's Captain - Bryan Ferry
8. Dead Horse - Robin Holcomb
9. Spansih Ladies - Bill Frisell
10. High Barbary - Joseph Arthur
11. Haul Away Joe - Mark Anthony Thompson
12. Dan Dan - David Thomas
13. Blood Red Roses - Sting
14. Sally Brown - Teddy Thompson
15. Lowlands Away - Rufus Wainwright & Kate McGarrigle
16. Baltimore Whores - Gavin Friday
17. Rolling Sea - Eliza McCarthy
18. Haul On The Bowline - Bob Neuwirth
19. Dying Sailor to His Shipmates - Bono
20. Bonnie Portmore - Lucinda Williams
21. The Mermaid - Martin Carthy & the UK Group
22. Shenandoah - Richard Greene & Jack Shit
23. The Cry Of Man - Mary Margaret O'Hara

1. Boney - Jack Shit
2. Good Ship Venus - Loudon Wainwright III
3. Long Time Ago -White Magic
4. Pinery Boy - Nick Cave
5. Lowlands Low - Bryan Ferry w/Antony
6. One Spring Morning - Akron/Family
7. Hog Eye Man - Martin Carthy & Family
8. The Fiddler/A Drop Of Nelson's Blood - Ricky Jay & Richard Greene
9. Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold - Andrea Corr
10. Fathom The Bowl - John C. Reilly
11. Drunken Sailor - Dave Thomas
12. Farewell Nancy - Ed Harcourt
13. Hanging Johnny - Stan Ridgway
14. Old Man of The Sea - Baby Gramps
15. Greenland Whale Fisheries - Van Dyke Parks
16. Shallow Brown - Sting
17. The Grey Funnel Line - Jolie Holland
18. A Drop of Nelson's Blood - Jarvis Cocker
19. Leave Her Johnny - Lou Reed
20. Little Boy Billy - Ralph Steadman


There you go, Noir. One you'll like.


Jamie S. Rich said...

God, when is this pirate shit going to be over?

Travis said...

Normally, I'd agree with you, but this album has not one, but TWO awesome Nick Cave songs on it! Plus a new track from Lucinda Williams! All it's missing is a track or two from Tom Waits and it could've been the coolest themed album of all time.

...plus, you should totally dig pirates...they wear just as much eyeliner as you do. :)

Jason Arnett said...

We're celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day (www.talklikeapirate.com) at work, Sept. 19th. All costumed pirates get 10% off.

Something stupid and fun, is all it is.

Pirates are the new monkeys, I've heard...

Anonymous said...

you're beyond gay for liking some pirate shit.

but Cursive and the Roots are both good albums.

I've also been listening to the gym cass heroes, which features art by crossland.


Jamie S. Rich said...

>>Pirates are the new monkeys, I've heard...<<

In your time machine going back to 2000?

As if monkeys needed replacing.

(To be honest, I of course grabbed the Nick Cave and Jarvis Cocker songs off of iTunes.)

Zach Trover said...

I'd be into the pirate album just for the Lucinda Williams track.

Dude, I'm moving to Independence, MO at the end of the month.

I'm totally going to be able to pee on your lawn whenever I want.