NEW MUSIC 9.19.06

Not much out today. Just one single purchase for me. (next week is craaaaazy though)

BEN KWELLER (self titled)

I honestly never bought any of Ben's earlier releases. I've always heard good things, but never had the urge to go out and hunt them down. Then, I heard his beautiful take on "Wait" from THIS BIRD HAS FLOWN the Rubber Soul tribute. That sealed the deal, I was going to buy his next release...

It's basically pop the way I like it. Catchy melodies, sweet love songs, and real instruments instead of beats and sound machines. Think of it as a low-concept Pet Sounds. The first song was the best of the bunch, (although I only got to listen to about four on my drive back to work) with it's tight chorus and lyrics that just put you in a happy, lovesick mood.

Since fifteen
I have ran
Everywhere you can run
But with you
It's much more fun
So let's run let's run let's run

It doesn't matter that they say we'll never make it
It's so strong that nothing can ever break it
You and I can tackle anything of any size
All anyone can ever want is a co-pilot
Someone to leave this town and
Up and start a secret
And when you sneak out at night
I'll kiss you right between your eyes

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