His new album hits stores next Tuesday! Here's his newest POLKALOOZA 2006! (where he redoes all the hits songs from the year Polka-style. You gotta watch it at least until he gets to "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent...)

And here's his first single, White & Nerdy. You gotta admit, he fits in a ton of references in the span of two minutes...and hardly any are about food!


Jamie S. Rich said...

Are you sitting down?

I actually thought those were pretty funny. I've always liked his polka parodies, and in the case of Coldplay, he actually made that song tolerable.

But "White 'n' Nerdy" was really good. He deserves credit for the MC Escher joke alone.

Travis said...


Honestly, I feel the same about his polka parodies. There are a few of those (Float On being one of them) that I'd actually enjoy listening to the entire song done that way.

You should check out his interview over at rolling stone: